An I Matter Journey:  Who Can We Help?

Readiness for Change is a Process that involves Self Awareness - You can start here

An I Matter Journey:  Who can we best help?

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I Matter as an approach is relevant for a wide range of professionals and parents and situations with children and young people with a variety of ages,

However we have learned over the years that the help we offer is most effective when a few conditions apply:  

I Matter involves a journey that is quite demanding.   So your commitment is very key.


1.  Actively wants to learn how to help your child or other?

2.  Are you ready to do the work - ie are you as the adult ready to study and to make changes and take specific actions to help your child?

3.  Are you ready to make a contribution to the costs of your own training - whether you are a professional or a parent?

We know some of the costs seem high so we aim to work with others to make training affordable for those who are want to develop their own skills.   However we know your own motivation to develop your own skills and invest your time and resources is also key to best outcomes.    TO READ MORE CLICK HERE