The Steps: What to Expect from the I Matter Programme

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

An I Matter Relationship Learning Journey offers an education in going for results that matter
Most people are interested because they want to see improved child and adult wellbeing for themselves or for someone they work or live with.

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The I Matter Learning Journey

offers a complete system designed to help organisations, professionals and parents work more effectively together with young people to prevent or address challenges.  It includes face to face workshops supported by online training  as well as a variety of optional support services that are available as you progress your confidence.

With support from a Community Hub, we want to provide training and resources, support and accountability to help you sustain your motivation as you are learn to successfully apply I Matter principles to your situation and role.

When you join the program you’ll have a four week introduction called the Fundamentals, then one year access to the I Matter Five Steps Training on demand program, with four months access to a weekly Q&A. The Step 1-2 includes more than 20+ hours of in-depth content.

During the program you will learn:

  • The I Matter Framework as a practical integration introducing you to a way of understanding the research evidence on what helps children and adults to thrive
  • how to bring awareness to what is happening in everyday interactions
  • how to develop confidence in your own role
  • how to successfully put theory into practice
  • targeted techniques, which include using your imagination, what you say, and small steps to reverse unhealthy patterns and restore greater relationship health 
The I Matter Five Steps introduce you to:

  • Getting Started - Stress and wellbeing
  • Child development and Brain development
  • The power of our beliefs and attitudes
  • The significance of your role
  • A carefully structured results-focused learning process for yourself and those you support

Our additional support services facilitate you in a personal development programme that can assist your confidence in home and work roles with children and other adults. The training will touch on material that is experienced in everyday interactions past and current.  It is through helping you understand the everyday interactions in a new way that the programme empowers you to take steps to bring about lasting positive relationship changes 

Each aspect of the program is taught through powerful visuals and video based explanations and with supportive coaching that help s you to put ideas into practice

Ongoing Support Services are provided by Certified I Matter Lead Practitioners, and are available once you’ve started the online study program. These trained professionals offer closed group support sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions.  Practitioners are extensively trained and ready to provide guidance you may need in restoring relationship health in home and work settings.

Once you’ve started the program, we encourage you to take part in your Course Cohort and in the Community Forum.  You can also attend a Living I Matter Study Support Group, or book individual coaching.

Please take the self-assessment survey and view our library of   feedback stories to find out whether your own situation might also benefit from participation in an I Matter Learning Journey