The I Matter Wellbeing Wheel

Applications of I Matter Relationship Health Practice to Everyday Parenting-Caring

The I Matter Wellbeing Wheel:  Everyday applications of Relationship Health

The I Matter Wheel Membership is intended for professionals and parents-carers who want ongoing encouragement to put theory into practice with a Relationship Health Practice in everyday siuations.  The teaching and materials are delivered through online workshops and/or via online teaching through our e-learning portal and live webinars. 

The Wheel explores 12 areas of everyday life with children that embody key skills that are needed by parents and carers.  Each workshop explores the application of relationship health princniples to this area 

The Modules covered build on the Step 5 Course
  • The I Matter Wheel as an assessment tool
  • The 12 areas of everyday applications
  • The ways to implement a relationship health approach in these areas with your focus child
Learning Outcomes:  At the end of Step 5 you will be able to:
  • Complete a Wheel needs and progress assessment
  • Describe a relationship health approach the needs on the I Matter Wheel
  • Give examples of this thinking in relation to your focus child.