Thank You for Your interest in a Next Step of Your I Matter Parent-Carer Journey

We will be in touch shortly with information about next steps

Thank you for your interest in the next step of an I Matter Parent-Carers Journey.

Registration for our Everyday Awareness Introductions and our supported online learning journey currently open for parents and carers who have a recommendation from an Approved I Matter Link or Lead Professional.  

Everyday Awareness
A first brief initial registration process helps us ensure that we have gathered key initial details and agreed a way forward with you.   

Supported Online Learning
Supported learning always requires an initial step followed by an in-depth online registration.

Places are limited and we close when we are full.  When registration closes we will be able to add your name to the waiting list and will be able to contact you as soon as more details are available.

Please CONTACT US and let us know which course you are interested in.