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 Supporting Healthier Happier Relationships with Children and Adults

16 Essential Ideas for Adult and Child Mental Health and wellbeing


The pillars of the I Matter Framework are strongly grounded in a wide ranging theoretical literature relevant to the care of children and young people and key for healthy adult-child relationships and mental health.   

In everyday practice an understanding of the Foundation pillars of the I Matter Framework is enough
Where children and adults have additional needs an understanding of the Foundation and Intermediate pillars is needed.

The pillars set out in the Foundation Course include mind-body interactions, stress regulation, dynamic adult-child relationships, brain development, child development and the power of our beliefs and attitudes. 

In the Intermediate Course the ideas include the social emotional foundations of wellbeing, the role of the adult in typical and therapeutic care roles, blocked care and escalation, and the skills of relationship coaching.   

The pillars of I Matter Practice set out in the Foundation and Intermediate courses have an impressive evidence base and are provided through I Matter training in a very digestible form.   

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Teaching Materials & Resources

Manuals, handbooks, posters, workshops, training videos, apps, and online resources provide a complete programme for a range of organisations and services.


The I Matter Foundation Manual contains 16 theoretical ideas key to supporting children and adults facing a wide range of everyday challenges

Each concept has its own evidence base, poster, client handout, teacher/practitioner page, visual poster and activities.  Real-life examples are used and each concept is taught in a discuss-illustrate-discuss format. The activities bring the concepts to life.

The teacher page provides a detailed explanation for the teacher on how to teach and present the skill for groups with different ages.

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Online Resources

Printable resources including a group session plan, A4-sized and A3 visual prompts for all 16 skills, clinical measures, homework sheets and lists of useful props.

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The I Matter Foundation Concepts Reference Card

The 16 key concepts are summarised in a laminated A4 card - a pictorial reference as a reminder of the skills learned.

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Though anyone can purchase the resources, practitioners wishing to use them with pupils or clients should complete Foundation training.

The concepts are each taught in an engaging and original way. Didactic presentation and demonstrations bring the ideas to life - group discussion and skills practice embed the skills for personal and professional use.

Workshops or online training

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