I Matter Step by Step 

Includes a 7 day free trial to work through the Preparation Course


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The I Matter Learning Journey was developed to fill in gap in current mental health provision for children and adults. 
This was the understanding of what Relationship Health is and how it is linked to mental health and wellbeing and physical health and education outcomes and crime. 
An I Matter Learning Journey can support a prevention or an intervention need.   When there is more escalation, more support is needed.
Its aim is to equip professionals, parents and young people with the insight and skills that are key to being successful in healthy and happy relationships across the life span.

We have been exploring ways to make the learning journey available to people with different needs and on different budgets.  The Step by Step programme offers a way of exploring the ideas with a little bit extra each month.   With this plan the Step 1-2 course takes 7 months.

A Carefully Structured Online Learning Programme

...with a personal touch to support you as you build your understanding and confidence

Watch the Video

Listen to the video and consider whether you want to learn more.


Your Investment

A free 7 day trial then £150 followed by option £30 per month for slow release of Step 2.
There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.


Starts with a 7 day Free Trial

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Once you sign up you receive:

  • Welcome email with personal login details
  • Immediate access to preparation stage of a tried and tested relationship health learning pathway
  • Registration questionnaire
  • Invite to next Getting Started Workshop (Monday 6.30pm week 1) 
  • New content - delivered monthly to your email inbox
  • Technical Support - programme works on our PC, phone or tablet
  • Opportunity to progress a short (2 month), medium (6 month) or longer term (12 month) journey - or more.
  • Opportunities to seek study support with approved practitioners
  • * No contract - you can stop at anytime

Your Investment

A free 7 day trial followed by £150 per month followed by £30pcm for slow release of Step 2.
There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.



This training has changed the way I practice at work and in my home relationships. I have enjoyed learning online and found the modules manageable with enough to be stimulating.  I really enjoyed the dynamic of the group - it was interesting hearing everyone's varied experiences.   The changes I have made have benefited me personally, and my family and my professional role.  I want to carry on and learn more.     General Practitioner Learning Journey


I have liked so many aspects of the I Matter Training. It has given me much more clarity, confidence and strength to help myself and my child. I can only sing its praises in every way. It has made a huge difference to how I see myself, my situation and my children and has given me the tools to be a better parent/coach for my children. It has also helped in other areas of my life such as work. Parent of children aged 5-11yrs


Step 1 with registration, workshop and email course and brief consultation

Step 2 More Information - 8 months
Step 3-5 More information - 12 months

Your Investment

A free 7 day trial then £150 followed by £30 per month for slow release of Step 2.
There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.



"If more professionals understood the implications of the I Matter Framework the impact would be huge on our practices.   I am excited to be part of making a difference"   

Professional in Education


“This training has been so much more than I expected it to be. I have learned so many things that have changed my understanding of myself and of my child. I have worked with many services before this but this has really made the difference. Now I know why I Matter ”    Parent of a Complex Child - Step 1-2 Course

Fivesteps to success

A Message from Cathy and the team

DSC01198-face_previewTake a moment to imagine what you would love to be doing when you have built or rebuilt your confidence in relationships with your child or others.

Maybe you will be hanging out having fun doing some nice things, maybe you will be sharing your thoughts and ideas in a relaxed back and forth conversation - maybe you will be planning a trip out somewhere and looking forward to it. 

We get it and have been there. We know the struggles are real but the learning that comes out of the process is always enriching - it just doesn't always feel like it at the time!

Our promise is that you will be understood, respected and have access to everything that we know is needed to help your relationship health insights and confidence improve.

If things have been challenging, then putting the I Matter principles into practice isn't always easy, results can sometimes take more time than you would like.  However if you stick with it, change happens!

We pledge you our full support and look forward to being with you as you build your confidence and live life to the full once more with the people who matter most.    We look forward to getting to know you

Frequently Asked Questions

What is relationship health and why does it matter?

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I now see so many of my patients through a different lens.   Before this training I used to feel anxious and sometimes intimidated by the highly escalated presentations.  Now I know how to respond helpfully and can see a way forward to help them that makes complete sense.   This makes all the difference.     General Practitioner  


Before starting out on this training we were in a state of crisis or overwhelm but ready to learn.   I have liked how clear & simply put together the whole course is.   it is so well delivered for anyone to understand and highly informative.  I enjoyed every bit of it.  It has been game changing for our family.   Parent of child with additional needs - Step 1 Course