I Matter Journey: Step 3: Take Stock 

Helping You to Help Children Who are Struggling -  with Theory made Practical


In the Take Stock Step of I Matter Core training you will be learning about the process of stepping back to observe carefully what is happening in everyday moments using your understanding of I Matter Ideas so that you can focus on key details.   Now that you have a strong understanding of the I Matter Framework the way we think about what is needed to help your child, will start to make a lot more sense

We will explore how to make sense of everyday moments and what they mean
You will learn how to use the I Matter Framework to build a team approach.


Suitable for:  This training is particularly targeted to those who are working in a direct relationship with a child who is anxious and challenging 

+ Teaching assistants and teachers working with a specific child
+ Parents and Carers supporting a specific child
+ Experienced practitioners supporting families who want to progress to a Lead Professional or Specialist Advanced Practitioner training 

Pre-requisites:  Completion of Step 2 Intensive

Step 3-4: Learning Outcomes    Take Stock and I Matter Process

By the end of this course you will:

1. Know how to observe everyday moments
2. Know how to identify key priorities .
3. Know how to use everyday situations to build core skills of relationship health

Study Support Options for Step 3-4
Self Paced Forum support OR

Fortnightly Live Q&A 
6 weeks of 1:1 short/longer calls (extra fee)

Course remains open for 12 weeks with option for extension fee or membership of I Matter Network

This course is taken alongside Step 4.   On completion of this course you will receive:
An attendance certificate for 10 hours I Matter Training for your CPD file or CV

What comes after Step 3 and Step 4 Training?
You can progress to Step 5 and to the Extended Journey


We are excited you are progressing your learning journey!

Remember that The I Matter Step 3 course is again not just a set of lessons and resources. It is not something just to get done - it is an experience to support your everyday learning...You can become part of a supportive and enthusiastic group of professionals and parents who are working together to create a new approach to supporting children and families

Dr Cathy Betoin - Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent