I Matter Relationship Health Skills Curriculum

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The I Matter Relationship Health Skills Curriculum

The I Matter Relationship Skills Curriculum is a key element offered to schools and services who are progressing an
organisational development process in the area of Relationship Health. 

To be licensed to offer the Relationship Health Skills Curriculum you must follow the organisational development process

Effective and ethical implementation of the Curriculum depends upon appropriately
trained and skilled staff leadership and staff teams.   

Implementation involves: 
a preparation phase
an introduction phase
a deepening phase
a visible results phase

Licensed Implementation is established by a listing on the www.imatterdirectory.online
The listing means that as an organisation you
agree to our practice standards 
have in place a developmental plan and progress review system
take regular part in the organisation development programme
have in place a complaints system 

Organisational Milestones  
Step 1.  You have 2 staff who have completed I Matter Steps 1-5  
Step 2.   You are an organisational member and have a link professional and are listed on our directory
Step 3.   You have progressed SLT training and have completed an Audit 
Step 4.  You are progressing with staff inset 
Step 5.   You have relationship health in your strategy, vision, development plan 
Step 6.   You are building an inhouse staff lead team in proportion with your organisation size  
Step 7.   You have developed learning pathway options for young people and parents-carers (Prevention, Prep, Early, Complex Needs) 
Step 8.   You have introduced a Relationship Skills Curriculum and are joining organisational Q&A check in 
Step 9.   You have become an organisation host for a Prevention pathway or an Early Intervention for parents 
Step 10. You are able to confidently support a JUCSHAL process (Joined Up Community-School-Home-Action-Leadership). 
Step 11. Your organisation is recognized for its effective preventative work with relationship health 
Step 12. Your organisation is recognized for its effective early intervention and complex needs work  


Once a school or service has a practitioner who is registered as a Trainee Lead Professional and is designated as a subject lead, it is possible for the host organisation to become licensed to use the I Matter Relationship Health Skills Curriculum.

This carefully designed synthesis of the research evidence crystallises the foundation skills of relationship health into an age specified tool that can assist practitioners in the process of identifying needs and planning customised programmes of intervention.

The Relationship Skills Curriculum is offered to organisations along side the I Matter Outreach Programme and offers schools and services an affordable method of equipping staff to become competent in understanding the Foundations of a Relationship Health approach as an embedded part of school vision.


What Professionals Say:
I am an experienced primary teacher.  I have recently gone on supply and now have one day a week when I spend half a day in year 6 and half a day in reception. After the inset, I worked through the I Matter Relationship Health Skills Curriculum tool and was amazed to see that the two children I had chosen as a focus from the Year 6 and Reception classes had the same profile. I had not seen how critical these skills were before.  We are so pressed with demands in the current school day I have never previously had time to understand what I was seeing.  Primary Teacher



Who would benefit from the Relationship Health Skills Curriculum training?

The I Matter Relationship Skills Curriculum is for educational establishment, offering primary or secondary education that wants a more focussed approach to equipping pupils with the essential relationship skills that are key to health and wellbeing.   
It can only be implemented with oversight from a I Matter Trained Lead who has a role as Relationship Health Subject Lead..

Implementation of the Relationship Health Skills Curriculum also provides schools and services with a solid foundation on which to implement the development of a parent-carer education programme supporting both prevention and early intervention  as well as joined up practice around children with more complex needs.   

Schools and Services Licenced to implement the Relationship Health Skills Curriculum are listed on the I Matter Directory.

How Does the Relationship Health Skills Curriculum Work?

The I Matter Relationship Health Skills Curriculum is licenced to schools and organisations who are progressing a planned relationship health development programme.   Each organisation also has access to a membership site with resources designed to help support an implementation process

There are opportunities to attend Q&A sessions with Dr Cathy Betoin and experienced practitioners. 
We love answering your questions! These sessions pre-scheduled and we will share registration links with your team