Run an I Matter Centre

Sharing the ideas with your community

Run a Centre: I Matter Supported Learning for Professionals, Parents and Young People

An I Matter Centre or Hub can be run by an I Matter licensed professional in a school or community where professionals and parents are learning together about improving relationship health as key to multiple aspects of health and wellbeing.   

A Mini Centre or Hub is run by an approved professional in a school or named service. 
A Locality Centre or Hub is run in an area where health and education and community professionals are supported in working together

Approved licencees in Hubs can offer 1:1 support, workshops and course based study support to help professionals, parents and young people understand and move forward with insights from the I Matter Framework


Professionals can apply to become licencees - initially they can refer to centrally run courses and support options (the link role - after Foundation Training) AND then can run in-house courses and consultations for their own community (the Lead role -after Intermediate Training).   The licensed professionals have access to an online account.  They can refer or register participants and run events according to our guidelines.



Ghyllside Primary School is licenced as a Lead school.   They have an experienced reception teacher and parent who has been offering I Matter supported learning for families for 3 years.   This year she has started to run the I Matter Challenge, offering key introductory workshops alongside parent introductions to phonics as a key part of the schools approach to building strong parent partnership.


St Marks is approved as a Link School.  This means that the school is able to identify parents who would benefit from I Matter Training.  In the last year the school has been able to support a number of families with complex needs in gaining access to supported I Matter learning


Appletree is a specialist residential school for children who have experienced abuse and trauma.   As a Link School Appletree has been working with the I Matter Project over the last 2 years to help parents who are preparing for the return home of their children.


Find a Practitioner or Hub


Building a hub depends upon building up a team involving informed senior leadership and a cluster of Link and Lead professionals who understand the I Matter Framework and its implications and are working together to support the community experience a new way forward through nurturing parent mentors and developing a community wheel learning approach in which health and wellbeing is seen in a wholistic fashion and everyone has strengths and a role to play

I Matter as a Framework is a universally relevant approach but it can be applied in specific contexts and the learning can sometimes need support from those with specialist knowledge.  Thus

  • I Matter in education context has similarities but key differences from I Matter in a health or community context.
  • I Matter with toddlers has similarities but also key differences from I Matter with teens. 
  • I Matter with typical children has similarities but some key differences for those with additional needs or escalated challenges. 
  • I Matter in a face to face or online class has similarities but differences to I Matter explored through experiential learning. 

Our intent is to draw together the collective wisdom of communities and start important small group conversations that can take place over the longer periods that relationships and development naturally involve.  

A licence with I Matter Training is thus intended to help you run supported 1:1 and small group learning opportunities so that professionals and parents have time and support to digest the implications of what the research evidence is really saying about how to improve outcomes for children and the adults that support them.


Phase 1:  Building Your I Matter Confidence with Children and Adults

Intro sessions
First Steps: Nuggets and Gems The I Matter Challenge
Foundation A and B: From Confusion to Clarity 
Intermediate A and B: Thinking Developmentally

Advanced: I Matter Child Coach 

Phase 2:  Supporting Others - Run an I Matter Study Support Centre

Senior Link - Developing an In house strategy
Professional Link Role - Building pathways for supported learning
Professional Link Plus - Embedding Developmental Thinking
Professional Lead - Offering in house study supported learning for professionals or parents or young people
Advanced Practitioner: I Matter Adult-Child Coach 

Phase 3:  Running a Community Wheel Hub

Mini School or Service Based Hub 
Locality Based Community Hub 

Our Approach to Sharing I Matter Ideas   The I Matter Framework organises a set of ideas that people sort of know already but often haven't had opportunity to think about in much depth..  So the process of rediscovering something which we vaguely know but may have some rather big implications, requires more than just training - it requires time and relationships and tea and biscuits and time to feel cared for.    It needs community.

So in the development and delivery of I Matter Training we always aim to build a hub in which conversations can be had.   

Sharing I Matter Thinking with others involves a process of helping professionals and parents find their own way through to more confidence in their own role ie to happier healthier relationships with their children whilst experiencing support from others in communities that care.  This is a process that cannot be done quickly, though we often see that there can be light bulb moments that can bring some key fast wins on the way.


Quality Control:  The core quality control in I Matter training lies in the consistency offered by the original I Matter training Course hosted in our online platform.  Therefore the majority of participants will have their own online account.  Only those needing a much higher level of support due to lack of readiness or confidence with online learning would approach the material without an account as completion of the course tasks also offers a key and vital element of accountability and space for a structured but private reflective process.

Therefore the key role of the study supporter in I Matter Training is to create the conditions which make effective and impactful learning possible