I Matter Relationship Health Certifications

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Relationship Health Awards and Certifications:
Senior Link and Link Roles
Lead and Lead Plus Roles 
Advanced Practitioner Roles

We are currently developing the Certification process.  At present this is offered in the Kendal area only. 

The purpose of I Matter Supporting Others Certification is to equip licensed professionals with the foundations for understanding and supporting a Relationship Health approach to child and adult mental health.   

We do not train professionals from scratch instead we equip those who are already highly experienced and motivated  with a structured method that helps build a shared language and shared priorities within a community and over an extended period.

The steps of the Learning Journey are intentionally extended and requires a high level of personal commitment so that there is time for the personal and professional development process to take place and be well consolidated.

Three Levels of Certification

Senior Link and Link Roles
The Senior Link Certification Course equips senior professionals working in organisations to understand the approach so that the thinking can be embedded into everyday practices and development planning

The Link Certification enables practitioners who work with parents and staff to have initial I Matter informed conversations that assist parents-carers and other professionals in accessing a relationship health learning journey, ideally with supported learning in their own community.  This is the key certification offered for practitioners in schools or services.  

Lead Plus and Lead Roles
The Lead Plus Certification in Education is for professionals with an interest in taking forward relationship health skills development in their own setting.  Lead Plus certification in Education focusses on embedding the use of Relationship Skills Development Curriculum with a focus on the skills of staff, parents and pupils.   The focus is on prevention and strengthening.  The assessment focus is the relationship skills curriculum.

The Lead Plus Certification in Health  is for professionals interested in taking forward relationship health skills development in their own community through running the Fundamentals and Fundamentals Plus Programme with a focus on adult-child relationships and on the prevention, strengthening and recovery programme.

The Lead Role is for professionals who are offering Fundamentals training but without offering the assessment focus.  Leads must have the support of an senior organisation link and Lead Plus or Advanced Practitioner

Advanced Practitioner Roles
Advanced Practice is for experienced professionals interested in supporting assessment and recommendations and work with complex recovery and complex systems through bespoke 1:1 and small group therapeutic coaching interventions.

In an employed role, the practitioner will also need the organisation to have a licence to cover organisational membership and online accounts and other practitioner licenses.   Independent practitioners who are licensed with appropriate professional insurances can be considered for Certification however they should be well integrated into their own local community of practice with clarity about the specific need that they wish to serve..

The Certification courses all require practitioners to evidence their understanding of the I Matter Framework concepts and their applications in a wide range of everyday scenarios 

Part 1: Your Own I Matter Learning Journey   INTRODUCTIONS

A: I Matter Certificates (completion of online study programme)  MORE INFORMATION

  • An Introduction to I Matter and Relationship Health for Senior Leaders  
  • An Introduction (optional short orientation)
  • I Matter Step 1: Getting Started Workshop (Step 1 course - introduces the I Matter Model)
  • I Matter Step 2: Theory Foundations (Step 1-2 Course - introduces the key theory for practice with children) 
  • I Matter Step 3-4 Theory and Theory to Practice (Steps 1-5 - introduces theory and theory to practice content)
  • I Matter Step 5: The I Matter Wheel
  • I Matter Extended Journey: for those preparing for Lead certification and supporting others

B: I Matter Awards (when online study is complemented with study support discussion groups_

  • After Step 2: Link Professional Certification
  • After Step 5 The I Matter Wheel Award (via I Matter Wheel Membership)
  • After Extended Journey: The I Matter Mentor Award (end of Extended Journey)

Part 2:   Apply to become a  Trainee Lead Plus or Lead Professional. 

Your application must include:
+ Evidence of your current professional status (showing your experience in working with children and families)
+ A reference letter of support from a senior lead in an I Matter member organisation 
+ A letter of motivation - why do you want to become a certified I Matter Practitioner?
+ Your application should include details of your setting and of the types of clients you would like to support

PLEASE NOTE: Those accepted for certification will have ensured that we have had time to get to know you through the various community events we offer. 

The initial Trainee Lead Plus or Lead Professional period is a time of gaining experience in the I Matter study support and coaching role.
You will work with families who come through our funded services routes for personalised coaching and group support.
You will not work with families in your own setting in the initial stages of training.
You will not receive payment for services offered while you are in a trainee role but must hold professional insurance.
All the families you work with will have completed an initial registration process for personal coaching
The results of this will be discussed with you when you start work with the family.

Early stage training
a) Offer 1:1 and small group Study Support to those on Core Learning Journey for strengthening relationship health
b) Offer 1:1 and small group for the Fundamentals Programme - inhouse small groups face to face strengthening purposes

Later stage training
a) Offer 1:1 and small group Study Support to those on Core Learning Journey for recovery relationship health
b) Offer 1:1 and small group for the Fundamentals Programme - inhouse small groups face to face recovery purposes

You can apply to join the Certification Track on joining the Extended Journey and if accepted you can start the preparation stages for part 3 whilst completing the extended journey course material.

On completion of the Extended Journey Intermediate Course you can become formally registered as a Trainee and join Lead Certification Track

Part 3 Lead Certification requires you to evidence a strong ability to connect with and engage a wide variety of people who are progressing an I Matter Journey where there are mild-moderate challenges bringing on their understanding of their own role and increased confidence in their own skills. 

Part 3: Finalising Your Lead Plus or Lead Professional Certification 

     Certification is based on
     Discussion of your course work,
     Discussion of your Client Work Journal
     Client feedback
     Aural assessment

Part 4:  Apply to become a Trainee Advanced Practitioner

The Advanced Practitioner Certification is intended for those working with children and families with complex needs.  It requires you to evidence a strong ability to use your understanding of an I Matter Approach to work creatively and flexibly in complex family and professional systems in the context of complex and escalated situations.  

Part 6: Finalising Your Advanced Practitioner Certification 

     Certification is based on
     Discussion of your course work,
     Discussion of your Client Work Journal
     Client feedback
     Aural assessment

On completion of your Certifications, you will be able to 
+ Be listed on the I Matter Community Wheel Directory as a Certified Practitioner
+ Be able to informally support parents-carers in accessing I Matter via recommendations (Senior Link roles)
+ Be able to offer and charge for provision of I Matter 1:1 Study Support services (Lead and Advanced Practitioners)
+ Be able to offer and charge for provision of small group study support services for professionals and parents-carer
+ Be able to offer and charge for assessment and recommendation services (advanced practitioners only)
+ Be able to support the development of an I Matter Community Hub in partnership with local schools and services (advanced practitioners only)  

+ As a fully certified Licensed Practitioner you will pay an ongoing professional license fee and are expected to maintain an active involvement with the community and with the role to retain your certification.

PLEASE NOTE: The Certification process is still under development and the exact details are being certified with our initial cohorts of practitioners.

The Modules covered in the Certification Process
  • Supporting access for Others (Link Role)
  • Supporting the Core Online Journey
  • Supporting the Fundamentals Course
  • Supporting the Recommendations Process
  • Supporting those where there are complex needs
Learning Outcomes:  At the end of the Certification Process you will be able to:
  • Support parents and carers on a Strengthening I Matter Learning Journey with the Core Online Learning Journey and the Fundamentals Course.
  • Support parents-carers on a Recovery I Matter Learning Journey (advanced practitioners only)

Course Cost  Modular - Step by Step                                       CONTACT US

Pre-requisites Step 1-5 and Extended: Discounts are available for group licenses
Please contact a member of our team for more information on these discounts.