Progress an I Matter Learning Journey

An I Matter Journey is for those who want to study relationship health in more depth and/or have a specific personal
or professional issue they want to think about from the perspective of building their own skills for happier and
healthier relationships


Progress an I Matter Learning Journey:

The I Matter Learning Journey is for professionals and determined parents who want to gain more in depth understanding of the theory and theory to practice of relationship health in personal and professional roles.  You will choose a focus relationship where there are some challenges and will complete an initial registration step.  

+ Carefully structured 7 levels of Practice
+ 1-3 Personal and Professional - Direct Roles
+ Engage: First Course and Wheel via members
+ Level 1:  Learn I Matter - Learn the I Matter Framework
+ Level 2:  Living I Matter - Prepare for your role
+ Level 3:  Living I Matter - Extended Theory to Practice
+ 4-6 Professional Practice - Supporting Others
+ Level 4: Lead Role - Supporting others I Matter Journey
+ Level 5: Lead Plus - Skills Curriculum
+ Level 6: Advanced Practice

Starts from £500pp for Level 1

Professionals can become certified to support access to the Relationship Health First Course and I Matter Learning Journey Pathways either by recommendation or an inhouse programme

Relationship Health is an overlooked idea that helps professionals and parents-carers work together to help young people in their own communities