Professional Training Impact

From professionals 


I listened to a 90 min introduction and thought, 'this is the missing part that was not covered during my teacher training'. We have had so little on child development.  I now have a completely different and critically important perspective on my role as a teacher.  I think all student teachers should be offered this as part of their training." PGCE Student who joined an inset session


The first steps clips are not very long so easy to fit in to my day. I like a person talking to me rather than reading it. It makes it more personal, more supportive and more reassuring. I like the reflective question at the end which makes me look back on what has happened recently in a positive way. They have helped me to reflect on my day/ Each 'thought for the day' has been very relevant in my day-to-day work and at home with my family.    Parent and Teacher who has completed the First Steps Course


The course was truly fascinating. Having worked in education for 16 years it’s given me a new angle and so much food for thought!   The only negative is that I feel I want to know more! I think this could really have a huge impact on how we support families, yet I think we need to gain more knowledge for it to be as effective as possible. Hopefully we will all get this!    Year Head

Very interesting and useful concepts covered. I will discuss what I have learnt with my colleagues and aim to help improve the well-being of children in our community using these new skills,      Trainee GP

I think that if the wider implications of the I Matter framework were taken onboard by the various organisations that actually work with children and young people and we were all singing from the same hymn sheet,  this would have a significant impact not only on the lives of the young children or young people but also the parents as well and that would have such a knock-on effect as they reached adulthood                    Teaching Assistant

As a pastoral team working in a secondary school we are well placed to try and make some of these changes to try to improve the well-being and mental health of our children to prioritise and value the skills of relationships.   I Matter is about supporting not only the child but the whole community around that child.  We want to look at what we can do to ensure families are given the support they need for feeling confident in their parenting role.    Pastoral Lead - Year Group Head

If these ideas was also implemented into the primary school by the time that they actually got to secondary school the thinking could possibly be embedded already. If the young people in secondary could be taught certain sections of this I Matters framework during the time at school I think this would help so many  Teaching Assistant

I think the I Matter framework could have a huge impact on how we support families. I often feel slightly powerless to help stressed out families and despite wanting to, feel limited in what practical solutions I can offer. The I Matter framework, I feel, will definitely be of help and I look forward to learning more about it and putting it in to practice.

Year Group Head

As a leader, this course has made me conscious more of how I can lift people around me and also myself. Sometimes I am guilty of beating myself up as I want the best for everyone.  However if I see it as stepping stones process, I can be more positive with me and others. This will have a positive impact on staff.      Assistant Headteacher


I am a HLTA *Higher Level Teaching Assistant) but also a parent and foster carer. I work with primary aged children, have 3 teenagers, and foster toddlers! This course has been so valuable for each and every relationship I encounter on a daily basis.       HLTA, Foster Carer and Parent who completed First Steps and Foundation


I think all teachers and TA's should do the course. I have learned SOOOO much that I can and will apply to my professional and personal relationships..  It has definitely made me more tolerant/understanding of children when they are showing complex behaviours in class.   Teacher and HLTA who has completed the First Steps Foundation and Intermediate Course

I have enjoyed learning online and found the modules manageable with enough to be stimulating.  I really enjoyed the dynamic of the group - it was interesting hearing everyone's varied experiences.   I have made changes that have benefited me personally, and my family and my professional role.  I want to carry on and learn more.     General Practitioner who completed First Steps, Foundation and Intermediate

With this course I have been able to address past difficulties that happened with my son and help my grandchild.  Things have shifted, and we are all more often relaxed and regulated together.  Our relationships have strengthened.  Thank you for I Matter    Grandparent and Teacher who has completed the First Steps, Foundation and Intermediate 





15:32:56 From  RC : Thank you Cathy for your sincerity, warmth, insight and time.

15:33:04 From  JW : Relationships key first, before academic

15:33:06 From  DK : Thank you.  That was great.

15:33:27 From  L : Importance of being a staff team

15:33:28 From  AR : thank you. have to drop out but thanks.

15:33:29 From  MD: thankyou

15:33:34 From  IG : Thank you for the session - real focus on re-connecting for September.

15:33:43 From  JD : Think about the child as well rather than just teaching academic content.

15:33:46 From  EM : Very interesting, thank you for your insights

15:33:47 From  CM : Everything was so interesting. Social and emotional wellbeing should be a priority always

15:33:53 From  TP : The interpersonal loop - recognising our own stress and using that reliable adult to help us.

15:34:01 From  IP : Thanks for your time, that was interesting

15:34:13 From  BP : new day new start …always. Thank you.

15:34:19 From  AL : Thank you, always to focus on the well being of the student before looking at learning

15:34:28 From  AW: Thank you for providing a better understanding of how to deal with mending issues between students in my care when the may occur -  or now, may not.

15:34:36 From  JD : Thank you very much. Very thought provoking.

15:34:43 From  IP : Need to connect and attune before actions. Importance of natural consequence over abstract one.

15:34:57 From  LH : Would love in investigate ways to engage and empower parents - initial or universal suggestions?

15:35:03 From  CM : Thank you so much, I feel I have a lot to think about here for when I get back into the classroom

15:35:43 From  SS : Thank you - focus on building relationships first - children remember how you make them feel

15:36:43 From  RP : The focus on the individual nature of the child's issues and that of the struggling parent alongside that. Thanks again for today :).

15:37:00 From  RC : goodbye everyone, stay happy all

15:37:00 From  LH: Thank you - really enjoyed it and got a lot from it


Additional Professional Feedback from the I Matter Intensive

The section is fascinating. I would love to be able to learn about this in greater depth.

I found this section really powerful and thought-provoking and it’s made me reflect a lot on me personally as well as me in a professional role.

I really enjoy doing this section because I think implications on the role that I actually have in school can help the students with training the brain and with looking at themselves in a more positive way. 

Thank you for a very informative course, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you

I would recommend this course to most professionals working with children - especially children in a heightened state of stress.

I would recommend this course for senior leaders.   Thank you very much. Really got a lot out of it.


  • I Matter Training

    “The Kendal Integrated Care Community has adopted the I Matter Framework as a foundation for our thinking about how to work together in our community to help children and young people and families. Professionals and parents are learning together. It feels good.”

    GP Safeguarding Lead Kendal Integrated Care Community

  • I Matter Training

    “This course has been so much more than I expected it to be. I have learned so many things that have changed my understanding of myself and of my child. I have worked with many services before this but this has really made the difference. Now I know why I Matter ”

    Parent of complex child

  • I Matter Training

    “The I Matter approach of dealing with the adults before the children is such a useful way to look at things and has turned the dynamics on its head for me. I realised my stress levels are having a huge impact on all of us as a family and learning to change this is starting to make a difference.”

    of challenging teenager

  • I Matter Training

    “EVERY parent and teacher would benefit from this course. Parent carers are a group of people I would like to get this to. This would be a fantastic opportunity to bring a very isolated group of people together to improve the situation they are in. ”

    Children and adults of all ages

  • I Matter Training

    “I am a HLTA but also a parent and foster carer. I work with primary aged children, have 3 teenagers, and foster toddlers! This course has been so valuable for each and every relationship I encounter on a daily basis. ”

    Trained for work and home purposes

  • I Matter Training

    “Thoroughly brilliant course. Has made an big impact on my own well-being which has meant that I have been more able to cope better with the expected and unexpected aspects of life in a calmer rational manner!! ”

    Key Stage 4 Leader and Parent

  • I Matter Training

    “The Headteacher and other staff now come to me. They are starting to spot the families who would be helped by some I Matter Training. I work flexibly - sometimes just with the parents and sometimes with the parent and child together.. We use the posters and I can see the moments when the pennies start to drop. This is a new way of working for us. I find it exciting to see the changes that happen. ”

    Teacher - Lead Professional

  • I Matter Training

    “The registration questionnaire really got me thinking. I realised how isolated I had let myself become and that this was not helping me or my child. I took action the next day and phoned a friend. I also made another follow-up appointment to speak with my GP. ”