The I Matter Schools Service Membership is intended to help your school or service get started with the right people on board to help children, staff and parents through progressing the three programmes: 

Your membership gives you a discount code of 15% off any core professional programme for funded or self-funding processionals linked to your school>
When you have a Trainee or Approved Lead your Lead will have also have the right to make recommendations to the core programme for parents 

The intention is to offer you a pre-early help offer and to help build capacity for the important task of building parent-carer skills


You can read the full terms here.   

GBP 150.00


When working with organisations who are paying on behalf of their own employed professionals or linked parents we like to make the administrative side of our relationship and the payment process as easy as possible.  Setting up this core first agreement is intended to ensure you are clear about and willing to accept our Terms and Conditions and Generic terms of access to I Matter online training and linked services.

GBP 1.00

I Matter Training is designed to support professionals and parents in working together to support children and young people.   The first step is to take part in an online introduction.   

GBP 1.00


Organisation: SDQ Screening Support helps you set up the capacity to take an overview of children's stress symptoms


GBP 500.00

The I Matter Pastoral Network is for staff in member organisations who have completed the i Matter Intensive

We meet monthly for Q&A

GBP 250.00


A bespoke Inset session that includes some preparation and planning is usually planned on the basis of up to 2 hours for 30 people.  A smaller fee is needed if no planning is involved.


GBP 250.00

The Essentials of Attachment Email course offers a further 2 weeks of short videos

Each short video - just 2-3 mins long shares one key concept

GBP 55.00

This is a detailed questionnaire that will get you thinking about many aspects of your current concerns with your focus child.   We will be able to review your information with you through a consultation call and make some recommendations about how to get best value from an I Matter journey or about how to best help your focus child.


GBP 200.00