Community Hubs and Organisation Development

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Organisation Development is a very key part of relationship health practice.
It is very difficult for individual practitioners to progress these issues without well informed senior lead support 
It is also difficult for organisations to progress in isolation of the practice of other local organisations 

Our approach is to focus on developing the concept of community hubs.  We have started this in the Kendal area

An organisation can progress through a certification process once they have three senior leaders who have completed Level 1


Organisations start by becoming
a Friend of  Relationship Health.
This provides info on the certification process


When an organisation has a minimum of
3 seniors with Level 1 they can progress to Getting Started certification and host a Link.  They can progress with the Connector


Certified Organisations work together
and can apply to take forward a community hub and work with the Community Wheel

Link Professionals (who have completed Level 1 and Link Training) play an important role in taking forward our relationship with organisations to help develop pathways for professionals and for linked parents-carers

The study support programme is subject to the availability of certified practitioners.   
Any professional interested in progressing to apply to certification, must take part in study support.