Organisational Credits and I Matter Units

I Matter Training aims to build community engagement in the challenge of developing the skills that adults - professionals and parents - need to learn in order to be more effective supporting children and young people who are struggling or challenging. 

I Matter offers a supported psycho-educational approach and we aim to support a longer term view - the intent is to build community insight and capacity and shift attitudes and culture.

There are three types of learning opportunity with access offered on a termly and half termly rolling programme

+ Supported online training for professionals and parents (First Steps, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced)
+ Local workshops for professionals and parents 
+ Consultations for parents 


A subscription with the I Matter project and purchase of organisational Credits offers a way to signal your school or service clear engagement with I Matter Thinking and support for a longer term view.  You retain flexiblity of approach to enable what we offer to adjust flexibly as your team strength builds in order to best meet your needs.   Credits can purchase 3 types of I Matter services: 

+ Supported online Courses - usually 4 units  (see below)
+ Staff developments eg inset (2.5hours) - 5 units
+ Registration and Parent consultations (90mins)  - 3 units

+ A Core Organisational Credit can be used flexibly to meet the needs you identify - 1 organisational credit is value of 20 units  - it 

+ A core organisational credit current value is £1000 - it purchases 20 units (current value £50ea)


Organisational Credits are paid for on an annual subscription basis and help set up a clear relationship between your organisation and the I Matter Project.  The starter package is for a minimum of 2 years.  Once you have staff trained to your preferred level the minimum retainer is 1 org combined credit per year.


Our minimum commitment guidelines for your school or organisation subscription in the first 2 years and then in the mainteance phased are as follows. After this we will agree a plan based on your training and provision needs.

                                                                 START UP PHASE                       MAINTENANCE PHASE     

Band 1: up to 100 children/12 staff       - min 1-2 org credits                  min 1 org credit
Band 2: up to 360 children/40 staff       - min 3-4 org credits                  min 2 org credits
Band 3: up to 800 children/80 staff       - min 5-6 org credits                  min 3 org credits
Band 4: 1200+ children/120 staff          - min 7-8 org credits/custom     min 4 org credits

PLEASE NOTE:   In addition to the above:
To maintain a status as a Link School able to refer parents - then you must purchase have a minimum of 1 organisational credits per year 
To maintain a status as a Lead school able to offer inhouse supported learning then you must purchase minimum of 2 org credits per year

These fees will support the maintenance training of your named senior link, link and lead professionals.

Your starter package can then be supplemented by extra course units, staff development or parent consultations   You will be able to see the remaining units left by going to your online account which should be held in the name of a Senior Link.  



When professionals take I part in I Matter Training they can generally jump in with a Foundation course.   Parents can only access I Matter training with the support of trained professionals in member schools and services.  They can access preventative support through school link professionals or more targeted help through provision run centrally

When parents are experiencing more escalated challenges - there is usually a need for a 90min SPOTLIGHT consultation first followed sometimes by a more in-depth FIND THE WAY FORWARD assessment or a personalised support package

Thus a standard intervention package for a parent-carer would be:

+ registration and a 90 min assessment and recommendations - 3 unit

The recommendations will then typically be a staged combination of the above
+ The First Steps online course - 2 unit
+ A starter day - 2 unit
+ An in-depth assessment: 7 units
+ Supported Foundation Course - 8 units
+ Package of 5 face to face sessions - 10 units

+ With younger children the majority of work will be with parents. With older children the package can involve Young People 

Organisational Credits can be used flexibly eg to pay for half of the value of each step.

Course Units for Individual Training

A course unit credit can be used for any of the following: 

Phase 1 Training

Foundation Stage in Getting Started or Link Stage
Named Senior 1 Year Leadership Development - 8 units
First Steps Course - 1 unit (1/2 unit with direct support from a Lead)
Foundation Scheduled Intensive - 10 units (4 units with direct support from a Lead)
Foundation A self paced - 8 units
Foundation B -5 units

Foundation Stage with support from an inhouse Lead professional
First Steps (1 unit)
Professionals Foundation A (4 units)
Parent-Carers Foundation A Part 1 (2 unit)
Parent-Carers Foundation A Part 2 (2 unit)

Intermediate Course 
Intermediate Scheduled Intensive - 4 units
Intermediate A self-paced - 4 units
Intermediate B - 2 units

Phase 2 - Advanced Course Options
+ Level 0: SENIOR LINK - 10 course units pa
+ Level 1: Certified Child Coach Training - 10 course units
+ Level 2: Certified Parent Link Training and Support - Through referral and informal support - Link Role - 10 course units pa
+ Level 3: Certified Link Plus Training and Support - Embedding developmental thinking into in-house practices - 10 course units pa
+ Level 4: Certified Lead Professional -  Through in-house supported learning - Lead  role - 10 course units pa
+ Level 5: Certified Advanced Practitioner: Clinical Practice - longer term care-coordinated - 10 course units


Phase 3:  Professional and Organisational Maintenance Stage
+ Once your organisation has a certified professional at any level then the named professionals can access the maintenance level of training under your organisation subscription OR if someone else wants to take part in the training the certified professional can take a professional membership subscription and stay involved.   This will be invoiced to them personally and then as agreed with you they may then invoice your organisation for the relevant fee.   

To maintain their status a certified professional must also take an active part in the I Matter network activities in your organisation at the defined role maintaining a professional CPD record with activities that also support their role.


Home-School Liasion Unit 

When longer term home-school co-ordination is needed the following guidelines apply

High Intensity monthly home-school co-ordination plan -with 4 x month direct contact and liason - 4 units a month
Medium Intensity monthly home-school co-ordination plan with 2 x month direct contact and liasion - 2 units a month
Low intensity monthly home-school co-ordination plan 1x a month direct contact and liasion- 1 unit a month