Develop I Matter 

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

Level 4-6: Develop I Matter Relationship Health Thinking
Offer Support for the I Matter Learning Journey 
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We are currently working hard to develop the structures that will help us offer I Matter more widely in partnership with licensed practitioners and certified host organisations.   Levels 1-3 of The I Matter Individual Learning Journey can support CPD for professionals, parents-carers, young people and adults. Levels 4-6 involve certification to support others who are progressing an I Matter Learning Journey

Offering support for an I Matter Learning Journey is a great way of working with your community to tackle the concerns about child and adult mental health and wellbeing needs that were rising before COVID and are now presenting with a significant levels of concern in all areas of the country.

What an I Matter Learning Journey offers is a structured way of approaching a challenging issues and making an impact on issues that are often tricky to discuss.   The change process can be challenging so a commitment to learning is one way to gain support over time.

Level 4 - Leading Study Support Sessions
Level 5 - Implementing the Relationship Health Skills Curriculum
Level 6 - Advanced Practice 

I Matter Organisational Learning Journey

Some of the ideas in the I Matter Framework can look familiar and straightforward.   What is most challenging is the implementation.
Our experience has shown us that embedding I Matter Principles into organisational community and school practice is a key step that is necessary if individual practitioners and parents-carers are able to be effective in working together to help young people - particularly in the face of overwhelming current needs.   We have chosen therefore to progress with a Community Hub model which aims to support longer-term relationships between GP's and schools and the development of shared language that supports skills building.

Organisational Membership also progresses through a series of steps:
+ Basic Member
+ Certified Getting Started Organisation (informed senior leadership and organisational development planning process in place)
+ Certified Progressing Organisation (focus staff development, access to pathways for parents and relationship skills curriculum)
+ Certified Committed Organisation (focus on partnership and inhouse parent-carer skills development)