I Matter Gold Wheel and Mentor Award

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The I Matter Gold Wheel and Mentor Awards

The I Matter Gold Wheel and Mentor Awards is the core certification for professionals and determined parents-carers who want to evidence that they are I Matter informed and have a good grasp of essential applications of an I Matter approach as applied to children with more complex needs

The Bronze Wheel Award is offered in member schools and services and is based on completing Fundamentals training
The Silver Wheel Award is based on completion of the Five Steps Core Online Training
The Gold Wheel Award and I Matter Mentor Awards are based on completion of the Extended Journey

The Wheel Award is of interest to
+ Parents-Carers who are preparing for a role
+ Parents-Carers who are strengthening their confidence
+ Parents-Carers who are recovering their confidence with a child with additional needs
+ Professionals interested in building evidence prior to an application for Lead Certification

The Requirements for the Gold Wheel and Mentor Award
  • Completion of the Step 1-5 and Extended Journey
  • Participation in personal coaching series
  • Participation in min 30 small group study support 
  • Recommendation of senior professional
  • Completion of an aural assessment.
Certification involves:
  • Review of your completed course work
  • A discussion about your key learning
  • An aural assessment of understanding of concepts
  • Membership of I Matter Network 
  • Membership of I Matter Priorities community Forum

Award Cost   £150 for log book review and assessment     CONTACT US

Discounts are available for group licenses
Please contact a member of our team for more information on these discounts.