Complex and Longer Term Needs Support: Prevention

Consolidate your understanding and move forward to happier healthier relationships 

Complex and Longer Term Needs Support Options: Prevention

I Matter Training was specifically developed to offer an option for the many parents and carers who go hunting for help with a child who is presenting with complex and sometimes escalated difficulties.   

What has been missing is a systematic results focussed process that can help the parent-carer understand their own key role and build the skills of their children through everyday interactions.  I Matter Training starts by ensuring that the Adult-Child relationship is restored to a place of positive health in which the adult feels confident about the steps that can be taken to help the child through effective partnership with others.

Specialist Assessment and Recommendations

Start off your I Matter Journey with a customised review of needs and a plan and programme that keeps you focussed and on track CLICK HERE  

Core & Extended learning with Flexible Study Support Options 

Deepen and extend your understanding of the I Matter Framework and its applications through core training CLICK HERE

B Courses: Intensive Daily Theory to Practice Coaching

Personalised daily feedback on everyday interactions using our specialist platform to build your child's skills and your own

1:1 Coaching Support Packages

Work with an experienced coach with a package of tailored support to ensure you are progressing on priority goals

Special Interests Community Forums

Gain the benefits of support from people who get it.

Resource Packs

Resources that keep you focussed on the priorities