I Matter Link Professional

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The I Matter Senior Link and Link Professional 

The I Matter Link Award is the core certification for professionals who want to be informed and able to support parents-carers and other professionals in accessing an I Matter Learning Journey in the context of a member school or service or independent practice role.

The role is one of informal support, and signposting and informal team and community building around adults who are exploring the implementation of the approach and becoming more confident in their own roles.

When we accept recommendations to supported learning via a Senior Link or Link we seek reassurance that
+ the Senior Link or Link knows the parent and child 
+ the parent has had support to consider funding options - including possible entitlements
+ has discussed the programme and believes that the parent is likely to be able to benefit from I Matter Training
+ has assured that other appropriate support options have been considered 
+ has readiness to have further informal discussion to show an interest in the progress through training steps.

Every member organisation supporting a recommendations pathway must have at least one Senior Link (a staff member in a senior leadership role_ but can have several Links.  Parents-Carers with cihldren at a member school or service may also become Parent-Carer Links to provide an informed person who can informally discuss principles.

The Requirements for Link Award
  • Completion of the Step 1-2 
  • Participation in a Getting Started personal coaching
  • Participation in min 4 + 7 small group study support 
  • Support of senior member of organisation
  • Completion of online Link training on the role.
Certification involves:
  • Review of your completed course work
  • A discussion about your key learning
  • A brief aural assessment of understanding of concepts
  • Membership of I Matter Professional community 
  • Membership of I Matter Professional Link community

Course Cost   £300/licence in year 1 then £150pa               CONTACT US

Discounts are available for group licenses
Please contact a member of our team for more information on these discounts.