I Matter Link Professionals

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The I Matter Link Professional Role
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The I Matter Link Professional Role is for professionals who have completed online Level 1 as a minimum plus some Link Training and want to join our network as someone able to informally support parents-carers and other professionals who are interested in learning about the I Matter Framework via online study.  The role is usually as an independent, though professionals may also be employed in public settings.

The role is one of recognising readiness for change and assessing availability of suitable complementary local support, offering informal interest, support and encouragement, due to knowledge of the programme and informal community building around adults or young people who are exploring the implementation of the approach and becoming more confident in their own roles.    Membership is by application.

To become a Link Professional, you must complete Level 1 online and be a member of our network and complete a short expression of interest.
If we are able to accept you, there will be a short training focused on understanding the Link role and how to recognise readiness for change.

The Requirements to join the Link Professional Network
  • Completion of the Level 1 online
  • Licensed professional or in employed role with children
  • Interest in encouraging those with readiness to learn
Link Professional Membership offers
  • Monthly term time Thurs after school check in session
  • Dedicated forum
  • Quarterly session focussed on learning together