Learn I Matter: Basic Information and FAQ

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

What is the I Matter Learning Journey?

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The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey offers an engaging and practical way of learning about the important, and overlooked, issue of relationship health. It provides a carefully structured step by step approach focussed on building essential understanding and skills for adults and young people of all ages.

Relationship health underpins mental health, physical health, education outcomes and crime statistics.  So, participation in the I Matter Learning Journey offers opportunities for conversation with others about issues that matter to us all. 

For child and family practitioners the I Matter Framework offers a practical integration of the research evidence on child and adult wellbeing and a basis for case formulation and effective decision making in child and family practice

People take part in an I Matter learning Journey for a variety of reasons - for general interest, for preparation for a role, for strengthening relationships or for supporting a relationship health recovery process. 

Participation in the learning programme offers opportunities for the development of new insight and skills, life-changing conversations, and new friendships and an opportunity to develop essential skills for life and work with a valued mark of achievement; with skills that are respected by employers.

The I Matter Learning Journey is relevant in a wide range of situations. supporting an all age community to successfully navigate the challenges of work and of home life

Adults and young people over 11 years linked to a member school with a Lead Educator can Join an I Matter programme through joining a taught workshop First Course or Fundamentals Programme,  Or they can register to study the I Matter Five Steps Online Learning Journey at one of three progressive levels which, when successfully completed, leads to I Matter progressive Certificates.

When working wtih organisations we prioritise the learning journey of adults prior to offerimg the learning journey for young people.

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Why Take Part in an I Matter Learning Journey

People take part in an I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey for a wide variety of reasons.  
The top reason is that they want to see improved child and adult wellbeing in their home, school, or community and they are ready to learn and ready to do the personal work.

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