I Matter Informed Relationship Health Practice in Kendal
Background and Timeline

A Timeline of I Matter Informed Relationship Health Practice in Kendal

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Relationship Health practice in Kendal has emerged over more than two decades of practice.

1989-1995 Cathy trained as a primary teacher in Birmingham before retraining as a clinical psychologist

1997  Cathy moved to Kendal, Morecambe Bay and was employed as a Clinical Psychologist in regional child psychology and CAMHS mental health services.  Cathy's children attended at local schools

2009-2011 A small project joining up CAMHS with local schools in the Lancaster Morecambe area took shape.  Due to restricted time, Cathy developed a training for professionals and parents that was delivered over several years with Jacqui Wilson.  This came to be called I Matter.  Then funding ended.

2015  Cathy exploring independent practice in Kendal area and started conversations with Ghyllside school and with Dr Amy Lee, GP Lead for Kendal Integrated Care Community.   There was a movement to join up community thinking and I Matter seemed a fit with work to support children and families.

2019  Gaining experience and faced with many clients with highly escalated presentations, work to develop tools to support the delivery of I Matter as an earlier intervention approach

2020  Google search revealed no books on Relationship Health and decision to write one!   Relationship Health: The Missing link in Children's Wellbeing.    Enquiries revealed no Relationship Health Skills Curriculum.  Decision to write a curriculum outline.

2021  The first Specialist Relationship Health Service established with Kendal Primary Care Network and social prescribing system with support of Dr Ed Clarke, Director of Kendal PCN

2022 Progressing first research data investigations and more explorations into best practices to take forward a quality controlled Relationship Health practitioner training 

2023 All services struggling with high levels of referral for highly escalated cases.   Work progressing with Kendal PCN, Brathay Trust and local schools to think about how to develop a community response in Kendal to address these needs more effectively.   Decision to share the I Matter Framework beyond Kendal.

We accept referrals to the service from Link practitioners in the Kendal and South Lakes area.  In Kendal, families with a Kendal GP can request an initial assessment and fundamentals training via the GP.  The Kendal practice offers more in-depth assessment and support in creating a joined up home and school approach. If you want to learn how to improve skills for relationship health as a key foundation for improved wellbeing for children and adults we love to help!

Relationship Health is an overlooked idea that helps professionals and parents-carers work together to help young people in their own communities