Join Our Team

Work with us to Increase Capacity for Supporting Children Who are Challenging and Parents.



Would you like to help us fulfil our Mission to help more adults have healthier happier relationships with children especially those who have additional needs?   In schools and community settings, you will help us deliver impactful I Matter Journeys for professionals and parents through  a supported learning process comprised of online study, and in depth coaching sessions focusing on learning to apply the ideas to ones’ own life including an innovative online journals experience shadowed by a dedicated coach and with the intention of clear measurable results’


After Foundation Training there are opportunities for professionals and parents to work with us in varied capacities helping us to build our capacity to bring informed and advanced practice i) to the care of children who are struggling and ii) to the education and support  of parents - and increasing your own insight and skills on the way


The following are key roles to work towards:

Licensed Link Professional - for building supportive networks

Study Supporters for A courses 

Online Coaches for B courses

Licensed Lead Professionals - for in-house learning

Licensed Advanced Practitioners - for overseeing complex care-co-ordination


Link Parents

Parent Mentors


Please let us know if you are interested