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Work with us to Increase Capacity for Supporting Children Who are Challenging and Parents.


 Would you like to help us fulfil our Mission to help more adults feel less stressed and with healthier happier relationships with children especially those who have additional needs?   


We focus on delivering impactful I Matter Learning Journeys for professionals and parents through a supported learning process comprised of supported online study, and coaching sessions focusing on learning to apply the ideas to ones’ own work and home life and relationships.

First Steps and Foundation Training is about ensuring that professionals and parents are better informed and that decision making is informed by a good understanding of what the evidence is really telling us.  Key to the I Matter Framework is helping professionals and parents understand and address their own stress levels first. 

After this there are opportunities for professionals and parents to work with us in varied capacities helping us to build our capacity to bring informed and advanced practice i) to the care of children who are struggling and ii) to the education and support  of parents 


The following are ways you can take part:

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This small membership scheme is a way of getting started and support us with our mission to get these ideas out into the world.   Think of this as helping us to help you - in a crowdfunding option

In addition to the regular weekly nuggets podcast, my plan this year is to start to develop some longer podcasts based on interviews with interesting people to share perspectives on what needs to change to see positive impact.


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An introductory session happens each half term - it will help you gain an understanding of what the I Matter Framework is all about


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The Community Wheel is the social arm of the I Matter Training Journey.  We believe that in the change process a long view is needed so community is really important.    We run a social event once every half term and are hoping that this network will build a range of activites - inspired by our local U3A.


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