Discover the Adult-Child Well-Being 'I Matter' Framework

I Matter Training is completed in a step wise process by professionals and parents.  There is study support for each stage each half term.


Registration for the coming cycle closes on the 20th February 2019

We start on the week of the 26th January 2020,    Next Introductions on the 5th February with courses starting on Feb 26th 2020









So.... Our Mission ... and Your Mission... should you choose to accept it... is to bring your caring and concern about one or more children in your home, or school or community join with us on a journey exploring what important research evidence on children’s mental health and well-being is REALLY saying - and the varied but key implications - so that in 4 months time or less, you can be moving forward with more confidence, new ways of thinking, clear action steps and supportive community that is helping you make the difference that matters in the roles you play.

We offer training on a half termly cycle based on the school year.   Classes at each level run each half term