I Matter Classes for Professional Roles

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

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Relationship health is a key but often overlooked issue in the work of professionals of all disciplines.  We have observed that professionals gain a great deal from taking part in small study support groups with opportunities for multidisciplinary discussion. These are led by certifed facilitators


Experienced professionals interested in making a locally supported I Matter Learning Journey available in their own communities can start the process of applying to the certification programme as a Level 4 Trainee anytime after completion of supported Level 1 online.  Level 4 Trainees will progress their own Level 2 and Level 3 and can offer small group supported learning opportunities for those progressing the Engage and Level 1 programme after .
Level 5 for embedding in-house skills curriculum 
Level 6 for clinical settings and trainer roles

Timetable for Level 1 Core Online Programme for 2023

Timetable for I Matter Learning Journey Programme for 2022-2023

Day Frequency  For  Starts Duration Timings Spaces Cost Facilitators
Introduction Mon Monthly   Monthly   3.00-3.45   Free CB
First Course Mon eve Monthly via members Monthly 90mins 7.00-8.15 12 £65 CB
CORE ONLINE MIXED                 
Registration Fridays Weekly  Profs + Parent Anytime  1 week Anytime  Open  in Level 1  CB and JW
Level 1 Mon Weekly  Profs + Parent Bimonthly  1-7-12 wks 5.15-6.30  15  £495  CB and JW
Membership Mon Weekly  Profs + Parent Anytime  12 months 4.00-4.40  Open  £100pa  CB and JW
Level 2-3 Weds/Thurs Fortnightly  Profs + Parent Termly  15 months 5,00-6.00  8  £1200  CB and JW
Level 4-6 Thurs Fortnightly  Profs Termly  12 months 5.00-6.00  4  £500/£1k/£1.3k  CB and JW
SMALL GRPS PROFS                 
Level 1          Tuesday Weekly  Senior Leads  10th Jan  6 weeks 5.30-6.45  8  Local  CB and JW
Level 1 Tuesday Weekly  Professionals  10th Jan  6 weeks 3.00-4.45  8   Local  CB and JW 
Org Leadership  Level 1 for 3 Monthly  Senior Leads Termly 4+ months  5.00-6.00    £1350 for 3 CB and JW
Link Role 1+  Weds Monthly  GP's Schools Termly 6+ months  5.00-6.00    £595 CB and JW
Level 1-4  Thurs Varied  Pastoral Termly 18 months  varied    £2200 CB and JW
Level 1-5  Thurs Varied  Curriculum Termly 24 months  varied    £2700 CB and JW
Level 1-6  Thurs Varied  Clinical Roles Termly 24 months  varied
 £3000 CB and JW