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What are the I Matter Five Steps Learning Journey® Facilitators Licenses?

Did you know that during the pandemic, while concerns about children's mental health and wellbeing rose all over the country waiting lists across the country also rose so that only a fraction of parents-carers who went looking for help with their child actually found help they wanted 

The other majority need help to understand what help their child needs not to mention help that can help them to make a difference.

This is where you, as an I Matter Five Steps Learning Journey Licensed Facilitator come in!


Based on your existing qualifications and experience, we train and equip you to help others to progress an I Matter Five Steps Journey that helps to bring them clarity, confidence and a clear way forward as regards helping their child and themselves.

Our I Matter Awareness Licenses include
+ Introducing Relationship Health to parents in Primary Education
+ Introducing Relationship Health to parents of young people in secondary education

our I Matter Preparation licenses include the following:
+ Preparation for couple life
+ Preparation for a new baby
+ Preparation for adoption/fostering

Our I Matter Strengthening Relationships Licences include
+ Strengthening couple life
+ Strengthening parent-child relationships

Our I Matter Recovery of Relationship Health Licenses include
+ Recovery of adult-adult relationship health
+ Recovery of adult-child relationship health
+ Recovery of personal relationship health

Our I Matter Professional Development Faciliators licenses include
+ Preparing for working with children
+ Preparing for work in primary care

We provide the accredited intensive training, the tools, the systems, and the ongoing support so you can help families with this crucial work.

You probably already know the issues that arise as a result of not understanding why a child is struggling, either because you've experienced it yourself, or witnessed the problems for someone close to you.   

Just think of the impact you can have, and the help you can bring to children and their whole family, when you work with just one person to assist them in planning ahead and preparing well for a good end. 

The relief, reassurance and peace of mind you can bring to others as a result of our one-of-a-kind Facilitators Programme is huge.   Which brings enormous satisfaction and fulfilment to you, of course!


What you’ll discover on the Information-Session:

  • An overview of the Accredited Training and Facilitators License (including how it works, the proven systems and more)
  • The characteristics needed to be a successful Facilitator (so you’ll know for sure if it’s for you)
  • Why Part 1 of the Programme is you doing your own I Matter Learning Journey (and why that is so crucial before you help others)
  • The investment required and the next step (to join a growing movement and make a big contribution in the world)
  • how helping others in this way trickles down, making a dramatic impact and positively affecting children, parents, partners, schools and communties


4 Simple Steps to become an I Matter Journey Accredited and Licensed Facilitator 

Step 1

Watch the Info Session online

Step 2

Apply for your place via a short online application form

Step 3

Interview to check we're a right fit for each other

Step 4

Begin the Facilitators Programme and join our community


Here's what is included in Facilitator Training

Part 1:  Your own I Matter Five Steps Learning Journey
Part 2:  The Extended Journey (exploring applications)
Part 3:  Preparing to Support Others
Part 4;  Running your programme and earning full certifcation
Part 5:  Membership of the Facilitators community

Ready to get started?