From Confusion to Clarity: Discover I Matter 
Progress a Relationship Health Approach 
Helping you with the theory and theory to practice of an overlooked approach to wellbeing!

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Are you feeling stuck?   Or, are you looking for some new thinking and help with your determination to make a difference in a challenging situation in your home, work or community?

The Discover I Matter Courses are for those who want direction and want to learn how to make a difference to issues that matter through becoming happier and healthier and more skilled in their own roles, based on progressing a relationship health approach

Training in the I Matter Framework offers a practical integration supporting reflection of a wide range of important issues and research evidence

Everyone is encouraged to have a personal focus relationship situation in which they want to develop their own insight, skills and confidence so that relationship health can be strengthened or improve.   Our key focus, as we start out is YOU and the way you manage everyday situations.

The Discover I Matter Fundamentals Programmes and the
Extended I Matter Learning Journey Programme
build on the content set out in the book:
Relationship Health: the Missing Link in Adult and Child Wellbeing

The challenges seen in adult and child mental health, physical health, education outcomes, crime or environmental care are still growing 

We think some new thinking is urgently needed to address a wide range of interconnected problems.
A new way of approaching these issues is to understand the concept of relationship health and all its applications.   To understand relationship health we encourage you to start with gaining some strong foundations by studying the I Matter Framework.

When you join a Discover I Matter Course you’ll have access to the I Matter Fundamentals on-demand, instructional video program. This includes carefully structured content. During the program you will learn:

  • about Relationship Health as an overlooked idea, and its importance to wellbeing and mental health in adults and children 
  • how to organise many ideas around stress and wellbeing that you already know something about into a coherent whole.  
  • how to start to observe what is happening in everyday interactions with a greater objectivity that will facilitate your ability to stay calm and effective. 
  • The pillars of the I Matter Framework and the Three Dynamic Loops including insight to help you start to work effectively with others.
  • how to use your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and communication style to impact outcomes for yourselves and others so as to develop new habits that work 
  • how to be start to apply the I Matter Framework to help you address a full range of everyday challenges with a view to finding a way forward to more relationship healthtinypeople-trans (1)

  The program integrates research evidence from

Stress and wellbeing research
Essential ideas
Attachment Relationships
Alarm and Brain Development
The Power of our Beliefs and Attitudes
Communication Matters


Most of the ideas are familiar - The problem is we often do not yet prepare and act effectively - the challenge is taking action - and in addressing the details !

A key goal of this programme is to give you a practical map that helps reduce confusion and increase your clarity so that you can take positive actions in your roles at home and work and thus benefit from your investment for years to come

Who is I Matter Training for and who is it not for?
The I Matter Fundamentals Course and our community network is for anyone who recognises that they have a position of responsibility in relation to themselves and others, for which they want to feel well equipped and better skilled.  You will need to be ready to study and reflect - and ready to grow yourself. 

At present we only accept people into I Matter Training who have the support of a named Link Professional in their own local community.  We hold a wait list and require a brief application and only offer a limited number of new places each month.

We find there is a sweet spot in terms of challenge levels for I Matter training to come to life - when there is a moderate level of current challenge then the issues and concepts we introduce are immediately relevant and the principles can be put into practice directly so long as there is readiness to learn and willingness to persevere.  We encourage you to seek out local support systems to draw upon as we offer educational training and discussion only.

If you are very overwhelmed then the ideas are relevant but we advise that you should have a local I Matter informed team involved too.    If you are dealing with escalated high risk behaviour such as aggression, self-harm or substance misuse then again, there must be a local I Matter team involved.  We regret that we are not able to offer crisis support.

If you need crisis support a good place to start is: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/guides-to-support-and-services/crisis-services/helplines-listening-services/

Though blaming others for current problems, can happen a lot when people are stressed and overwhelmed, we are all about helping every individual to take responsibility for their own part and own ability to make choices, including their own attitudes and actions in everyday moments.   This is the fastest way to bring about changes.  If you like to blame and judge others, we are not for you.   If you want help to figure things out - so you can be more effective - then we can help!

Empower Yourself to Make A Difference - To Help Yourself - Your Family and Your Community 
with an I Matter Informed Relationship Health to Improving Adult and Child Wellbeing

This programme starts with watching the webinar then completing an expression of interest in a short call.
We have a new intake to the programme on a regular basis and hold a waiting list.
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Programme costs will vary depending on an agreed package and duration.  Costs vary between £400-£2500.
At present we prioritise offers of places to those with an approved I Matter Link Professional

Please watch the webinar then complete the initial enquiry form and we will be in touch to discuss more about the suitability of the programme


Happiness Guarantee:
If you are not fully satisfied with the content or style of this educational programme
in the first 14 days you can request a full refund

If you are still not sure, you can 


Bonus Videos

Available on completion of Level 1

Sleep Secrets

Understand how to set up
good sleep habits

Calm in a Crisis

How to find your cool
even when the pressure is up

Mealtimes Matter

Overcome unhealthy habits
and make mealtimes fun