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Deepen Your Confidence - You can make a difference

For Graduates of the Intensive Programme

Hi, it's Cathy here.

DSC01198-face_previewAs you've completed the First Steps Nuggets and Gems Programme, I wanted to let you know about the next steps available to you.

How would it be to go from lacking in confidence in your ability to help your child to feeling confident that you could make these special years really count

One where you felt on top of the basics and knew that you were helping your child make progress on things that matter.

You already know that understanding the I Matter Framework more deeply offers answers and a way forward to more clarity and confidence 

That's why I created the Community Wellbeing Wheel Membership Site

To help you keep building on what you have learned so far.

So you can stop being swamped by worry loops and start enjoying your role.

Here are how the membership options work

You can join as an individual if you have a reference.  However, if your school or service has an organisational membership with an Approved Lead your membership status can be added to their local membership community role.   This helps the school start to develop an inhouse study support programme that meets local needs. 

+  School or Service based Study Support Only (no online)

Subject to your school membership status: You can access study support for I Matter Community Wheel learning via an Approved Lead in your member school or service but without online access:    £2pcm

+  Online Access Only 
You retain access to all your course materials so far and can upgrade again at anytime and can listen into a discussion based on the wheel each month          £10pcm

+  Relationship Health Matters Self Paced Membership 
This offers a way for you to learn about different aspects of parenting and get more frequent support at an affordable price.  £30pcm

+  I Matter Extended Journey Membership 
This offers a personalised level of support to support your study of the I Matter Framework    £65pcm                    

Where possible the membership programmes are offered through member schools and services. 
Schools and services work to build a community that supports the building of parent confidence and really effective home school partnership.

Your membership helps us to help your school to help you through ensuring that parents get access to the training and support that makes a difference.   When there are enough parents signed up in your community then the school or locality is able to put on additional local study support sessions.

Continued Access to a Monthly Q&A calls

Many of you let me know how much you enjoyed the group calls linked to the First Steps and Intensive Course and explained that you would be sad to see them disappear from your diaries.

I also know that past graduates are curious to know the answers to lots of other questions and get frustrated when they hear people sharing insights from the calls they’ve missed.

Well now, you don’t have to miss a thing!

In the Relationship Health Matters Membership Programme you are invited to drop into as many of the group calls as you wish to for as long as you're a member.  If you are doing great and busy getting on fine then Great - no need to show up. However if you have something you'd like coaching on or have a question about? You can show up to that weeks' call and ask away.

These calls are run by me or another trained member of my team and you can ask questions here about ANY element of your I Matter First Steps or Relationship Health Matters materials - indeed any area you'd still like coaching on. 



Five Steps to Success Email Course.


Essentials of Attachment - Email Course.


The First Steps Nuggets and Gems Course

Monthly Deep Dive Call - Relationship Health and Parenting Challenge Focus

As long as you are a member you will be able to join our I Matter Relationship Health challenges.  There will be a starter session discussing how an I Matter Relationship Health approach can support you in being effective in relation to the issue of the month.    Then there will be encouragement to implement your learning through the coming weeks

Parenting generally involves tackling some aspect of an issue and then revisiting it again later to do some fine tuning.

Each Month You Can Choose A Course

In the Relationship Health Matters Membership, we'll help you create your own path to deepen your understanding of an I Matter Relationship Health Approach to Parenting.

As soon as you sign up, you'll given one I Matter Credit. Take a look at the courses below - each requires one Credit and as you finish each course, you'll be given a new Credit to spend on whichever one you'd like to do next.

Pick from the selection below and look out for new courses that are planned through the coming year.

Once unlocked, each course is yours to re-visit whenever you like as long as you're a member.

Sleep Matters 

What would you like to see changing about sleep in your home environment

Mealtime Matters

What would you like to see changing about mealtimes in your home environment

Adults Matter 

What would you like to see changing about adult wellbeing in your home environment

Siblings Matter 

What would you like to see changing about sibling relationships in your home environment


You will also be able to upgrade to the Intensive Programme at any time - or you can contact us to use some of your credits to reduce the payment.   


I Matter Intensive Programme

Once you have completed the Intensive Programme you will also have the option of joining the Extended Journey.

When Does It Start?-

As soon as you sign up! You’ll be asked to choose your first course right away you’ll receive your first module to start next Monday.

Registration for this intake of the Relationship Health Matters Membership closes on Tuesday at 8pm









– Your Investment-

Choose the currency below that best suits your needs.

There’s no minimum commitment to the monthly membership and you can cancel at any point.

How long do I have to stay a member?

You can stay as long as you like! Some of our members have been with us three years, some stay only for a few weeks. It’s totally up to you.

What happens if I cancel?

Please be aware that when you cancel, you will lose access to everything inside the online portal.

How easy is it to cancel?

Super easy! You can cancel yourself with one-click inside your portal any time you choose, or just email me and I’ll do it for you.