The I Matter Intensive Programme


Are you a Senior Leader, Professional or Parent who urgently wants a fast low demand
supported introduction to
 the I Matter Framework?

The I Matter Framework Intensive is a fast paced low demand supported introduction to I Matter Thinking
We offer it as an EXTRA to the Core Programme Step 1-2 when overwhelm is the key issue getting in the way of getting started.
The I Matter Intensive offers clarity about the way forward in challenging relationships with children young people and adults.

 If you are someone who knows there is something missing in children's mental health and wellbeing practice and wants to find a way forward then this programme will start you on a journey with key insights and skills for work and home relationships 

I Matter Intensive Training helps Professionals and Determined Parents-Carers become I Matter Informed or Orientated Fast.

The I Matter Intensive Programme offers an introductory level self-paced learning option

The intention of the Intensive Programme is to start with the big picture, demonstrating how the approach can support new thinking around formulation of everyday and complex challenges seen in child and family practice  The aim is to launch a new way forward for children's wellbeing based on revaluing the importance of relationship health.

Learning method
s via local face to face small group workshops

How does it work?

 Participants choose a focus child

THEN  there there is a four module introduction of key ideas
THEN there there is progress to the slower paced core learning journey


The intensive programme can be for professionals wanting a fast paced orientation OR
for parents-carers needing a fast orientation and understanding of what steps to take next to help a child

Those who want to learn more can sign up to take part in the Core Learning Journey.
Parents-carers can register for a clinic to get assessment and recommendations.

What will participants be able to do on completion of an Intensive Programme?

Participants will be becoming I Matter Informed to include. 
insight into the Relationship Health aspect of challenging situations
Iniital awareness of Dynamic Triple loop approach to formulation
more clarity about what to focus on and why to help children
ability to informally discuss I Matter Principles with others
ability to advocate more confidently for a the way forward for your child and for others 

You will also be able to:
Progress to completion of the Step 1-2 of the Core Journey

Capture-five steps