I Matter University Outreach Programme

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The I Matter Outreach Programme

The I Matter Outreach Programme offers a method of sharing an I Matter Five Steps Learning Journey with others.  If you have,  or are, a Certified Lead Professional, organisations such as schools and Universities can work with us to share the programme with students and staff. and practising professionals can share the programme with  clients.   The Outreach Programme is an extension of the core Five Steps professional training program. This program is designed to make Step 1-2 Theory and Step 3-5 Training accessible accessible and affordable to graduate students and staff teams and those looking for help, by helping universities and organisations and practitioners to offer the trainings as a supplement to their own courses and CPD programs and personal offers.

The I Matter Program combines video training presented by Dr Cathy Betoin with illustrations from everyday situations encountered in education and health based and social care clinical practice. The program also incorporates opportunities for group discussions and reflective exercises and the opportunity to have questions answered by an experienced I Matter Practitioner

Your students will learn:

  • An Integrated Approach to Relationship Health Practice
  • The Pillars of the I Matter Framework 
  • Insight into how to apply ideas to everyday challenges 
  • An enriching personal development process

Step 1-2 Training will give participants insights into an integrated relationship health approach to formulating the nature of challenges and an introduction to the i Matter Framework For more information on the Step 1-2 content and curriculum, click here

Step 3-5  Training will help participants integrate their understanding and expand upon the content taught in Step 1-2. Participants are required to complete Step 1-2 before moving on to Step 3-5. For more information on the Step 3-5 content and curriculum, click here


Who would benefit from this training?

The I Matter Outreach Program will support Masters and Doctoral-level students in Education and Health Care Practice who would benefit from these insights and skills in their field of study or future career.   It is also suitable for determined parents-carers who want to prepare themselves for a role in supporting a child with some additional challenges, though it is not suitable as a stand alone when there are escalated challenges.

*Note: Participation is limited to post graduate students, staff teams, and recent alumni who have graduated within the past 2 years.

We recommend this training is offered to participants who are in the practical or clinical phase of a degree and are already working with children and families, especially those with challenges, so they can begin implementing and practicing I Matter Principles immediately through being better informed.

How Does the Program Work?

The I Matter Outreach Program is now available online. If you wish to host an online I Matter Outreach Program training as a part of your course or CPD program, your students will gain access to the online Step 1-2 and Step 3-5 I Matter Five Steps Training. 

  • The same training can be progressed by professionals and clinicians, with a deeply discounted price for groups of students.
  • Available for groups of students as small as 5!

  • No in-class time needs to be spent training – it can be done individually by each student, online and from the comfort of their own homes

  • Free access for the instructor or administrator who is including Step 1-2 or Step 3-5 in their course(s) or program(s)

50% off for groups of graduate students!
Step 1-2 – 50% off online programme
Step 3-5 - £50% off online programme

Students can also purchase the training themselves via a custom, discount code that we will create specifically for you.

Each student will own their online training. Students will create their own accounts on www.imattertraining.com and can watch on their own time, and will have continued access to the videos and content, for future reference as long as your organisation retains a membership. 

Course resources are provided immediately via digital download. Students can get started immediately, as everything they need is included online in the training. Buying a physical copy of the course notes is still an option, and is available at a discounted price for students.

Group Discussion is not needed, but there are opportunities to come together as a group. This takes up none of your time in-class, unless you would like to arrange time for integrated group discussions (instructions included). The training videos themselves can be watched entirely at home.

There is an assessment at the end of the training known as the Gateway Assessment to test for completion (currently in BETA). After the assessment, students will receive their certificates immediately.

There are opportunities to attend Q&A sessions with a Certified I Matter Practitioner. Our experienced practitioners love answering student questions! These are pre-scheduled and we will share registration links with your students.