I Matter Membership:

Extend your access to study support



When you join one of our courses such as the I Matter Foundation Online Intensive you become a complementary individual member of the I Matter Community for the stated duration of the course.  When your school or service signs up for a package of training such as theSchools-Services Starter Package your organisation becomes a member of the I Matter Organisational Community for the duration of their licensed package. 


When you finish one of our courses, or if you have previously taken an online course, you will be eligible for a subscription at one of 4 levels.

+ Extension to course access only £10pcm or £100pa
+ Extension to online course and Forum membership and community Q&A £19pcm or £190pa
+ Extension to online course, Forum membership & Q&A with vouchers for 3 x half day events - £29pcm or £290pa
+ Option for Enhanced support - with bespoke plans eg specialist support, senior leads network - 


As you build a team, Organisations can move through a sequence of stages

Phase 1:

+ Getting started with informed practice with typical children - Foundation Stage
+ Informed practice with children with additional needs - Intermediate Stage

Phase 2:

+ LINK: Supporting learning pathways for inhouse Professionals and Parents with prevention interests or- mild-moderate concerns - £1000pa
+ LINK PLUS: Embedding developmental thinking into inhouse practices - £1500pa
+ LEAD: Supporting in-house learning for professionals and for everyday parenting £2000pa
+ ADVANCED: Supporting in-house study support for higher pressure parenting (requires support of an approved Advanced Practitioner)

+ the licence fee includes an online support platform to support management of your inhouse project and a half termly after school group online session for seniors, and links and link plus and lead plus roles intended to support you in planing and monitoring your plans for success.

We open up registration for membership at the end of each half term period.


Our Membership Scheme is structured with intention to support an Extended I Matter Journey for Organisations as well as for professionals and for parents-carers.    The intention is to help support learning communities.





Your subscription will also help us to help you.    Think of yourself as helping us build a team that can ensure that the implications of the research evidence that is key to children's mental health and well-being is talked about and acted upon - not just by you but also by others