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The structured process offered by the I Matter Challenge Awards are intended to support a personal and organisational change process 

The following are the terms of our contracts with professionals and organisations at phase 1 and phase 2 of our work together.


I Matter Training Ltd, a company and Licensor incorporated in England and Wales with
registration number 07570100 and registered office at Stramongate House, 53 Stramongate,Kendal, LA9 4BH

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We are delighted that you are interested in learning about an I Matter Approach to helping children.   Our work together is based on some clear Terms and Conditions which it is important that you read.  

These terms cover the following issues


  1. Overview – Implicit agreement
  2. The Nature of I Matter Training and Coaching
  3. Disclaimer about Course Content - Suitability of Approach and Practice Guidelines
  4. User Licence Agreements and Role Based Access
  5. Intellectual Property and Copyright
  6. Privacy Policy, Cookies, Confidentiality and GDPR
  7. Acceptable Use and Conduct online
  8. Bookings, Payments, Billing and Returns
  9. Disclaimers
  10. Complaints and Dispute Resolution


Our Terms and Conditions can be accessed here

As you progress through an I Matter Journey there will be further agreements covering

+ sensitive information and online recording
+ group confidentiality agreements
+ 1:1 support agreements
+ Professional Licences
+ Organisational Licences
+ Action Research Plan Guidelines


Our delivery of services to you is based on the use of a number of complementary online platforms which serve different purposes.

Please read our  Terms and Conditions carefully and then if you are happy to accept them you can digitally sign below 

In signing this agreement you confirm that you understand that we will be storing your online information

In particular, if you do not want to accept our terms do not use this site.

Please let us know if you have any questions



Dr Cathy Betoin



Once this agreement has been received with your digital signature we will be able to send you next steps

Payments, as appropriate, can be made by Bank Transfer or by Stripe or Paypal.  



I Matter Training Ltd
Stramongate House
Kendal LA9 4BH



Headteacher or Director


Dear , 


I am writing to confirm that I Matter Training Ltd (“I Matter”) and Your school (“School”) have agreed to enter into a contract for the provision of supported online training and coaching.  In this letter we have captured the agreements which form part of the contract between us.

   1. The licence is by an agreed annual subscription for an agreed service level

  1. The licence is for the specified service level determined by the organisational stage of development and plan you select and requires an approved named senior lead to lead your inhouse team process.
  2. The continuity of this organisational licence agreement depends on the availability of staff suitability qualified for the required individual roles and appropriately qualified personnel.  The licence assumes personal and organisational acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.
  3. The individual role licences cannot be transferred to other named seniors, named Lead, Link or Senior Link Professional until they meet our requirements, and would need prior agreement of a transfer in writing.  On termination of the subscription the licence to use the resources or call yourself an I Matter school or service will end, unless by specific written additional agreement.
  4. Beyond the Phase 1 Getting Started Stage, the  Phase 2 licence is based on the delivery of an Action Research Plan (“ARP”) that has been agreed by your named senior with your Lead, Link and Senior Link with us as appropriate. The focus is support for the delivery of the I Matter Challenge Award Schemes.   Access to study supported online learning to other professionals and parents under the terms of this ARP should progress according to our mutually agreed processes set out in the ARP plan.   
  5. Access to I Matter Training or Study support should not be offered to parents or professionals outside the scope of our mutually agreed plans.  Progress on the project and key learning will be reviewed between us on a termly basis.
  6. I Matter Training can be offered to professionals and to parents only under our agreed processes. It is not a treatment or a therapy but is a psychoeducational and coaching intervention that may have therapeutic impact.  However the training can touch on material that is sensitive.  Therefore no one should be required to take part and thought should always be given as to whether adequate support is available.  We have discussed that we cannot guarantee any specific results and any advise that any guidance we may offer should never be used as a substitute for full adherence to your inhouse policies and practices or other appropriate referrals. 
  7. The delivery of I Matter Training involves the management of some sensitive information and all parties agree to abide by ordinary professional confidentiality and information sharing expectations as is expected in child and family practices. All parties warrant that DBS and Insurance Policies are fully compliant with the expectations of their own role.  As a school with a Lead Professional you may be listed on our Community Directory.
  8. I Matter will retain the ownership of all intellectual property in the I Matter resources and materials at all times. Should new resources be developed in the course of our work together to further I Matter training the ownership will remain with us though we may agree to credit parts of the resources to you (if appropriate) and you agree that new resources developed in the course of our work together will form part of the overarching I Matter materials and may as a result be used  as part of our developing resource base to help others.
  9. This is a development project and therefore we expect to encounter challenges and questions on the way and expect to work together collaboratively to resolve these to the satisfaction of all parties. We would like to build our capacity but wish to progress at a pace that is manageable for all parties.
  10. We agree that If you have any reason for concern or complaint you agree to contact us at the earliest possible date so that we can work together to address the issues. We agree to contact you at the earliest date if we have concerns.  We agree that if the issues cannot be resolved through discussion that we will seek the mediation services of a mutually acceptable third party.
  11. This agreement will be kept under regular review and will commence on the date this agreement is finalised.  The agreement (and licence created by the agreement) is for a minimum term of 1 year from the commencement date and subject to annual extension and then can be terminated by either party giving the other one full terms notice in writing.


If you are happy with the above, please could you confirm that you are happy to accept the proposed terms.     We are really looking forward to working with you.

Best wishes,


Dr Cathy Betoin

Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent



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