How Much Will it Cost?  Multi-User Licenses  

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

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Relationship Health Skills have been overlooked and undervalued.  However they are vitally important for outcomes and complex in nature.
The investment needed to strengthen or gain new skills is personal and individual in terms of commitment, not just financial.
Training in the I Matter Framework thus seeks to provide solid foundations for anyone who works or lives with children.

Solid understandings are particularly important for anyone working or living in situations involving complexity and escalation.

The costs of an I Matter Learning Journey can therefore vary considerably as everyone's circumstances are very different.
Learning steps are modular for professionals and parents but an Extended Journey and full certification involves a two year commitment as we have seen it is possible to have poor understanding which can impact heavily on results and on the standards of practice in this field.

The standard costs combine several elements over time. 
+ Cost of taught sessions
+ Cost of the online course elements
+ Cost of small group support
+ Cost of knowledge assessments
+ Cost of membership
+ Cost of individualised consultations.
+ Cost of peer group and 1:1 supervision

Each of these costs an be impacted by local arrangements eg via an organisation multi-user license or discounted purchase

Costs of group discussion, membership arrangements and individualised consultations can all be offered under varied agreements.
We offer a small bursary scheme which receives donations and applications for support.

Some I Matter Courses are offered under license with no cost, but assessment of readiness to learn is a vital part of getting started.

Please contact us if you have questions about the above.

Costs Table

The Awareness and Level 1 Programme for Professionals or Parents includes 4 options

3 months Option 1- Awareness Option 2 - Awareness Option 3 - Level 1 Option 4 - Level 1
   Taught Only  Online Only  Online and Group  Taught, Online, Group 
   Quick orientation  Orientation  More depth  Complex Needs
Registration  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Get Started Workshop  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
Taught Fundamentals   Yes  No  No  Yes
Step 1-2 Online  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
Membership: 3 x 2 x mth  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
Small Grp x 6 fortnightly   No  No  Yes  Yes
Consultations  No  Optional  Optional  Optional
Membership   No  Optional  Optional  Optional
 1 adult (or 2 in family)  £490pp/£600 £390pp/£500  £570pp/£750  £750pp/£950
 1 adult (or 3 in team)  £490pp/£1350 £390pp/£1000  £570pp/£1600  £750pp/£1950
 10 professionals  £4410 £3510 £5130  £6750

                    The Extended Programme for Professionals or Parents and Supporting Others Programme for Professionals Includes 

Level 2-6 Level 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5-6
   I Matter Process  Extended Journey  Facilitating Groups  Working in Systems 
   Quick orientation  Complex Needs  Supporting Others  Complex Needs
Registration review  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Take Stock Workshop  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Step 3-5 Online  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Membership - 2 x month  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Small Grp x 6 fortnightly   Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
Extended Journey  No  Yes  Yes  
Consultations  No  Optional  Optional  Optional
 1 adult   £490pp £995pp  On request  On request