I Matter Foundations for Relationship Health and Wellbeing


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Do you want to build yourself strong foundations for helping yourself and those you care for with challenges?

We start off a new small group each month who want to be part of a community who are learning the theory and theory to practice of an I Matter relationship health approach to improving wellbeing.

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The mentored programme isn’t for everyone, but we could be a good fit if 2-3 of these describe your situation:

  • You are a parent or a parent-to-be who wants to prepare for your role or strengthen your skills

  • You are a young adult or adult wanting to equip yourself with understanding and skills for wellbeing
  • You are in an adult-adult relationship and want to strengthen your ability to have a strong partnership

  • You have a specific situation or concern that you want to make progress with in your role
  • You have at least 10 hrs direct contact time a week with the focus relationship or situation.
  • You want to be part of the solution not part of the problem as regards current challenges 
  • You think skills for improved relationships and more joined up thinking could be a way forward
  • You are not just looking for a quick fix
  • You are ready to make a longer term commitment to growing your confidence and skills

  • You have a recommendation from someone who is an informed named professional link for our programme who we could contact.

  • If you’re nodding along to several of the above, we’d love to hear from you. 

We are a a ‘let’s get on a call’ kind of operation, so we invite you to check out the free course and then book a quick 15 min chat below with one of our team.

On this fast-paced call, you’ll get more clarity about your own focus interest or issues and about how the programme may be able to help you address them.

If we think we can help you, we’ll book in a longer call to explore in more depth how an I Matter Foundations for Relationship Health Programme could be a fit for you. We find that’s the best way we can show you how we can help.    And if we’re not a good fit, you’ll leave knowing your next steps.

What we can promise you is that this 15 minutes will be worth your time.

Please note:  We make a distinction between learning the core theory and putting the theory into practice.  In our longer Living I Matter programme our focus is on your own personal growth and foundations for your own relationship health practice and effectiveness in varied home and work roles.

This training is for parents-carers and professionals who: 
+ want to equip themselves with solid foundations for a relationship health to improving wellbeing
+ know that some new thinking is needed to address many current issues around child and adult wellbeing
+  Want to help self or children+adults who are struggling with mental health or challenging behaviour issues
+ want some strong foundations to support decision making
+  Feel helpless in the face of long wait lists and want to know what they can do to help themselves
+  Feel worried about where things are going and want to be part of the solution not part of the problem
+  Have heard about something called I Matter and relationship health think it might be interesting
+ Are interested in progressing new thinking for their own organisation

Please note, time is our most valuable asset. We only take on motivated and committed clients who are able to prioritise time to study, reflect and work through the learning tasks, because they actively want to grow their own confidence and skills, as this is the group of people for whom we can provide the most value.

The current minimum investment to work together over a 12 month period is £1200pp (+ VAT) or £1500 for 2 family members or £2400 for a 6 month with intensive responsive coaching.    We take a new small intake each month.  

If you are in the Kendal, Morecambe Bay area, some funded or part funded options may be available.   We also sometimes offer an entry level programme over when booked for a group.

Please only book a call if you are ready to take action and commit to the work involved in the coming period.


After completing the Learn I Matter Fundamentals participants report:
+ Having gained a new sense of clarity about what is happening right now and where they want to go
+ Feeling clearer about some immediate steps they can take to make a difference
+ Feeling more hopeful that there is a way of understanding what is happening that makes sense
+ Knowing how to be part of a positive network that is aiming to support skills building in their own role 

The content of the Learn I Matter Fundamentals includes

  • Background - Understanding the need
  • Symptoms of Stress and Symptoms of Wellbeing
  • Introducing the I Matter Model
  • The Essentials of Attachment email course

Learning Outcomes of the Learn I Matter Fundamentals

  • Understand what is meant by 'the missing link'
  • Organise symptoms of stress and symptoms of wellbeing
  • Describe the I Matter Model 
  • Know how to use the Nuggets and Gems process.

The Learn I Matter Foundations of Relationship Health programme is a 1 year programme - and the start of  what can be a life long learning journey.    Please contact us if you are interested in learning more

We are accepting registrations for the coming class cycles:
Specific Class Days and Times will vary.

I Matter Level 1 Fundamentals

Course Entry Start Date
Week of Mon

End of Entry Period
Week of Mon

Registration Closes

Preparation Starts
Week of


Summer 1

Mon 15th April

20th May

8th April

8th April

In Progress

Summer 2

1 week after Reg

To early Aug

30th June

After registration


Summer 3

Mon 22nd July

26th Aug

15th July

15th July


Autumn 1

Mon 16th  Sept

21st Oct

9th   Sept

9th Sept


Autumn 2

Mon 4th  Nov

9th  Dec

28th  Oct

28th Oct


Spring 1

Mon 6th  Jan

10th Dec

30th Dec

30th Dec


Spring 2

Mon 24th Feb

31st Mar

17th Feb

17th Feb



Additional Support Options 

If you have questions please contact-us

Here is what professionals and parents have said

I have liked so many aspects of the I Matter Training. It has given me much more clarity, confidence and strength to help myself and my child. I can only sing its praises in every way. It has made a huge difference to how I see myself, my situation and my children and has given me the tools to be a better parent/coach for my children. It has also helped in other areas of my life such as work. Parent of children aged 5-11yrs

This training has taught me way more than I could have imagined, I love it!       Foster Carer

This training has changed the way I practice at work and in my home relationships. I have enjoyed learning online and found the modules manageable with enough to be stimulating.  I really enjoyed the dynamic of the group - it was interesting hearing everyone's varied experiences.   The changes I have made have benefited me personally, and my family and my professional role.  I want to carry on and learn more.     General Practitioner who completed Core and Extended Learning Journey

"If more professionals understood the implications of the I Matter Framework the impact would be huge on our practices.   I am excited to be part of making a difference"   Professional in Education