I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals Training
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I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals Group Facilitator Training

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For everyone who wants to facilitate a study support group for adults, families and children and young people registered on the I Matter Fundamentals Training programme

Pre-requisites: By application: with minimum Fundamentals and Level 1 and Gateway assessment 

What is the I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals  Group Facilitator Training?

1 Day for Trainee Facilitator License

The I Matter Relationship Health Study Group Facilitators’ Training is all about learning to create a safe space for discussion of the ideas set out in the I Matter Framework as a foundation for a relationship health approach to supporting emotional health and wellbeing.

The I Matter Framework was developed by Dr Cathy Betoin an experienced clinical psychologist, a teacher and a parent.  It offers a practical way of introducing thinking and reflection into work with families, groups or one-to-one across disciplines, settings and communities.

The I Matter Framework explores the research evidence on stress and wellbeing, child development, brain development and the power of our beliefs and attitudes and communication styles in supporting the maturation process in children and other adults.  

What difference will it make?

I Matter Relationship Health Facilitators’ Training is designed to equip practitioners with an effective approach to provide study support for a 4 + 4 week ‘I Matter Fundamentals’ group for parents, adults and young people

I Matter Training and Relationship Health Matters and our network of trained practitioners are passionate about a relationship health approach to improving mental health and wellbeing. The concepts in the I Matter Framework each have a significant evidence base and we are growing our own evidence base both quantitative and qualitative showing how improvements in relationship health impact wellbeing in adults  and young people.  

How is it delivered?

The I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals Group Facilitators’ Training is designed for practitioners working with young people and their families to support them with progressing an I Matter Informed Relationship Health approach.



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Study Group Facilitators’ Manual £50pp


Delegates will require a Study Group Facilitators Manual providing ideas of questions to support discussion and reflection.


To become fully approved Lead Facilitators, participants must run at least 3 study support groups and have completed Level 2.