I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals Training
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I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals
Online Learning Only

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For practitioners who works with families and children and young people
and for parents-carers of young people aged 0-19 years

What is the I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals Online Learning Account

The I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals Training is all about providing a practical introduction to the overlooked issue of relationship health as a necessary element of supporting emotional health and wellbeing.

The I Matter Framework was developed by Dr Cathy Betoin, an experienced clinical psychologist and teacher with an intent to organise the evidence on child and adult wellbeing into an easy to understand accessible format for people who are experiencing demanding situations. The I Matter Framework offers a back to basics education in a number of linked ideas presented in poster format.   The goal is to engage thinking and reflection in work with families, groups or one-to-one across disciplines, settings and communites

The I Matter Framework sets out to explore how the evidence clearly suggests the vital role of the adult in the brain development of children and the power of relationships and communication in understanding behaviour in typical and in challenging situations.


What difference will it make?

I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals Training is designed to equip practitioners and parents with an effective accessible approach to improving emotional health and wellbeing for adults and young people. The training explains key ideas around stress and wellbeing, child development, brain development, and the power of our beliefs and attitudes in terms to support practitioners in a range of disciplines and to support parents and carers and young people. The aim is to equip participants with this knowledge and skills and confidence to make a real and lasting difference.

I Matter Training and Relationship Health Matters CIC and the Relationship Health Practitioner Network are passionate about early intervention and responsive relationships supporting mental health and wellbeing. All of the content is based on well researched evidence and we are building our own significant evidence base both quantitative and qualitative showing the impact on participants and on parent-child relationship, child prosocial behaviour, behaviour difficulties, parental anxiety and stress, and practitioner satisfaction.

‘The I Matter Framework builds on well-established ideas and teaches them in a distinctive and accessible style.’



Course content 

The course provides an introduction to the I Matter Framework.  As an orientation course, it, equips you to understand some of the key language used in a relationship health approach

How is it delivered?

The I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals Online training is self-paced aiming to introduce and provide an overarching focus on improving relationship health accessible to professionals of all disciplines and parents

The course is offered in a gradual process over 6 weeks and can be supported by discussion with approved practitioners.

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Applications of Fundamentals Training


Adult-Adult Relationships

Adult Wellbeing

'The I Matter Training changed the way I understood my role at home and at work.  In a short time I can see many changes..