I Matter Relationship Health Fundamentals 

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What if it was possible to feel more confident in how to help your child when they are anxious or challenging?



varied payment arrangements

The I Matter Fundamentals Course can be offered for Professionals or Parents-Carers.  The course focusses on building awareness and confidence in relationships and introduces the Pillars of the I Matter Framework as a tool for making sense of challenging situations often experienced in relationships with children and other adults.   

The Fundamentals is usually offered four taught 75min workshops small group sessions plus 2-6 consolidation discussion sessions 

The Fundamentals course starts with a Getting Started Workshop and introduces other important ideas using taught content and responsive discussion. The online Step 1-2 supports consolidation

Lead Practitioners linked to member schools sometimes offer the First Course which does not require an initial registration step

The Fundamentals Course is a taught course with discussion.  It is currently commonly offered for professionals or parents-carers as a preparation for a role or for those looking for help with a child who is presenting with some concerns who have a recommendation from a certified I Matter Link Professional

Participants complete a registration step thinking about a focus child or other.  This should ideally be a child where there is a desire to help improve relationships as part of improving wellbeing.  Participants will also be registered on the 14 day email course known as the Essentials of Attachment.  

PLEASE NOTE: The focus in this course is on developing personal insight and confidence in everyday situations.  The Fundamentals offers a fast paced overview of the I Matter Map.  It is not the I Matter Journey which requires more extended commitment to learning theory and to putting theory into practice.

Time commitment:        4 x 90mins taught concepts and discussion
Extra:                            14 days Essentials of Attachment Email 
                                      Registration step
                                      2-4 x Further Fortnightly consolidation sessions
Dates:                            Rolling programme.

Extras:                          Option to progress to Five Steps Online Study
                                     Option for professionals to progress to professionals Link, Child Mentor or Lead Practitioner Training

The Fundamentals Workshops 

The Fundamentals course offers a fast paced overview of the I Matter Framework usually offered as a preliminary to online study. This includes

  • Getting Started with the I Matter Model
  • Essential I Matter ideas
  • Attachment , alarm and the brain
  • The power of our beliefs and attitudes
  • The Process of looking for Nuggets and GEMS
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Fundamentals you will be able to

  • Complete a simple I Matter self-assessment exercise
  • List at least three favourite Nuggets
  • Describe at least three favourite GEMS
  • Describe specific observable changes in your relationship and identify what made them possible

In approved clinic settings we combine the Fundamentals Course with an in depth questionnaire and consultation step with a practitioner.
Some professionals and parents will progress to the Five Steps Learning Journey Steps 1-2  and Steps 3-5 CLICK HERE