The I Matter Framework for Researchers

What is Your Theory of Change?   Learning a powerful way of understanding relationships.

I Matter Theory for Researchers

The I Matter Framework offers a powerful starting point for researchers who are thinking about their work with children and families - especially those who are struggling or challenging right now.  Training in the I Matter Framework helps researchers gain a big picture insight into the nature of Adult-Child relationships and choices and a way forward.

One issue we see too often in work with young people is that professionals focus too exclusively on change processes in young people with insufficient understanding of the system around the child or young person. 

So practically what we like to do when working with researchers is ensure that the researcher has started with a big picture view of the research evidence as it relates to symptoms of difficulties and change processes in children and young people. 

Once we are confident that a researcher has an understanding of a bigger picture, then we like to explore what possible research questions can emerge.    Our interest is in supporting and contributing to research that serves a very specific purpose - how do we move forward most effectively through these challenging times towards communities that put healthier happier relationships at their heart?