The I Matter: First Steps:  Nuggets and Gems Course 

Helping you to help children who are struggling with theory made practical



All I Matter Journeys start with a Live Event and/or a  First Steps I Matter Challenge Course.  You can read about the Challenge here 

First Steps offers a gentle introduction to some I Matter core ideas with a focus on the adult role.  Caring for children as a professional or parent can offer some of the best and some of the most challenging of experiences.  However there is not much preparation for those challenges even though your role is REALLY important. 

This is important as everyone knows that there is a concern about children's mental health but it is often not at all easy for professionals or parents to find the help and guidance you need and then advice can be confusing and contradictory. 

So First Steps is about getting everyone started on learning some essential content because caring - whether for a typical or more complex child - becomes a lot easier when you get curious and build your confidence in your own key role.    After this course, if you want to learn more you can go on to the next steps.

Your Mission or Challenge.... should you choose to accept it.... is to spend the next 3-6 weeks exploring some very important ideas and thinking and reflecting with others about your own key role in relation to one or more children - maybe a child who is struggling - so that you can build your confidence and understanding of what key steps are needed from you to make a difference to their mental health and well-being -- and your own.

"The information drawn together in I Matter Training is like gold dust for teachers and parents and carers of the child who is challenging.  I am loving the training and finding it so interesting!" - Foster Carer


Welcome to an important and exciting learning journey!

The I Matter course is not just a set of lessons and resources. You also become part of a supportive and enthusiastic group of professionals and parents who are working together in the Kendal and Morecambe Bay area to create a new approach to supporting children and families

Dr Cathy Betoin - Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent

The I Matter First Steps Nuggets and Gems Course is provided through schools and services that are members of the Adult-Child Well-Being I Matter Project with professionals who have completed the training. 

First Steps is a 3-6 week course that can be completed as a learning challenge: 

The online learning can be supplemented by local supportive workshops either online or with a local lead professional

You will: 

+ Watch some short preparation videos 
+ Start gathering and organising important ideas (nuggets) that will help you to help your focus child
+ Learn what the psychological research says is the best way to support children's mental health 
+ Start exploring what helps you get best contact and connection with your child and others
+ Celebrate your learning successes and claim your First Steps Completion celebration 



The I Matter First Steps Course or Challenge is best completed with local study support however other options are possible

+ Online self-paced with forum

+ Online with weekly check in

+ Online as part of a package - eg senior leaders development or Foundation intensive


Everything you need to get started

The I Matter First Steps course and I Matter Challenge comes with everything you need to get started on thinking about your own important role in supporting your child's mental health and well-being - from step-by-step easy to follow instructions and a little bit of fun to keep you focused on going for results in your Nuggets and Gems collection process.

The course is suitable for those in everyday and higher pressure parenting situations.



Half Term Registration:                                                 Week 6

Payments: Link paid to us, Lead via school                  by Week 6

Orientation                                                               Week 0

Background and Your Mission                                   Week 1

Getting Started: The I Matter Model                          Week 2

Start collecting Nuggets and Gems                           Week 3

Check In - Keep Collecting                                        Week 4

Celebration Completion and review                          Week 5-6             

Access to course ends                                                Week 6

I MATTER CHALLENGE: Each half term

The trouble with being a parent or carer or busy professional is that your time is pulled in all directions.

The I Matter Course or the Challenge if you want more focus has been designed to create a short 6 week burst of focus with

The studying demand is very light and the suggested activities are included to help you to get the best value from your First Steps Learning Experience.

Remember these dates are not intended to create stress, 

Just a bit of focus.

Help us make this a fun community learning experience

Thank you

Cathy   :) 


The costs:

We offer the I Matter Course as a 3-6 week I Matter Challenge each half term.  Prices depend upon the type of study support and package offered.   Options include:

+ with local Lead professionals

+ with local link professional

+ with online forum

+ with bespoke support package

PLEASE NOTE: Parents-Carers must be linked to member schools or services


30-day money back guarantee

Afraid this might not be for you?  Don't worry. We offer money back guarantees within the first 30 days after payments, no questions asked.   However we're certain you're going to find it interesting - and if there is something you think we could improve please share your feedback!