Directory of Licensees

An I Matter Professional Directory 

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We love to share the I Matter Resources as they are so clear and helpful in communicating key and important ideas.  However they work together as a set and so we want to preserve the I Matter learning experience through ensuring that they are offered to professionals and parents under a clear license agreement.

Welcome to the I Matter Directory

When it comes to children and families no-one can work alone.   We are working towards an I Matter Directory and Network that can help professionals and parents identify others who have an understanding of what an I Matter approach is all about.    All those individuals and organisations that have an active license with us can also have a listing on this address.    Our licensed individuals and schools will have licensed resources tagged with a QR code which can be checked here.

All of our licensees are asked to use our resources in the context of a clear brief plan and are expected to provide a brief review and progress summary which you will be able to read or hear more about by clicking on their links.   The directory is still under development

If the school or community or professional that you are working with is not listed here then they are not - yet - licensed to use I Matter Resources with you.

PERSONAL USE LICENCE:  If you take part in the Foundation or Intermediate or Advanced training courses the resources you will find within the course are licensed to you for your personal use only and for informal sharing with others to let them know that the training exists. 

PROFESSIONAL USE LICENCE: If you want to actively use the resources in your own school or service setting to run supported learning sessions you will need to complete the professional supported learning pathway to obtain a Lead Professional licence and a listing on this site.  If you simply want to be an active part of our network you can become a Link Professional.   .


Lead Organisation: Kendal Integrated Care Community- Community

Lead Professional:  Dr Amy Lee - GP: Community Hub License 

Action Research:  We are currently working together to deliver a rolling programme of training for professionals and for parents including a conference for other ICC's in the South Cumbria area planned for September 2019 and with the NW Innovation Hub and Digital Pioneers Programme.

Licensed Lead and Link Schools

The following schools within the Kendal ICC area are licensed to use I Matter Resources as part of agreed inhouse plans 
Link Professionals - can provide informal informed support for parents or professionals taking part in local or centrally run courses
Lead Professionals - can provide inhouse study support for online learning for inhouse professionals and parents
Link or Lead Plus Professionals - can use our posters, videos and online tools as part of planned agreed action research

Working with local schools and services 

We have been working with the following schools and services in the Kendal ICC areas - still a few to find

Licensed Lead and Link Roles in our Network

Professional members work for one of the following roles in the network

Licensed Link and Lead Professionals

The following have approved roles within the network and are working on agreed projects with us.   More information with links coming soon!

Dr Cathy Betoin

Director - Advanced Practitioner

Dr Amy Lee

GP Lead:  Kendal ICC Community Hub Lead.

Gill Mason

Reception Teacher. Lead Professional

Clair Davies

Director. Senior Lead Link

Rachel Hayes

Reception Teacher: Link Professional

Pete Barfoot

Headteacher:  Senior Lead Link Plus

Informed Professionals

We have I Matter Informed professionals in the following Kendal services

Post Adoption, Kendal
Virtual Schools for Looked After Chilldren, South Lakes
St Thomas's Primary School, Kendal
Settlebeck Secondary School, Sedbergh
Carlisle and Eden MIND