Find I Matter Link Professionals in Member Communities and Schools 


Learning about an I Matter approach to relationship health is best done with the support of a well informed local community.  We work with professionals, leaders and member organisations to increase access to informed support for parents-carers.  Organisations get started with a minimum of two senior leads

Parents-carers who are interested in learning about an I Matter Approach to helping improve child and adult wellbeing need a recommendation from a certified link professional in a member school in order to join the I Matter Five Steps online programme.  This is to ensure other appropriate support is in place.

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We are currently working with the following organisations

Kendal Primary Care Network
Ghyllside Primary School
Queen Katherine School

These organisations all have a certified link professional who can discuss options with you.

The full directory is currently under development

NOTICE: Relationship Health Matters Ltd neither warrants nor guarantees the level of success to be achieved by the study of the I Matter Framework nor the process supported by any professional or professional in training.  Relationship Health Matters Ltd hereby disclaims any and all express and implied warranties. The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is an educational approach that is evolving and whose ultimate efficacy is affected many factors outside of our control.