I Matter Individual Consultations

I Matter Individual Consultations

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Private coaching sessions with a Certified I Matter Practitioner can support you during your learning journey.  You must be registered on the I Matter online Learning Journey.

Click here if you are looking for the Theory to Practice Group study support .

  • Would you like personal guidance as you work through the I Matter Program?   
  • Do you have questions about how the principles apply for your individual situation?
  • Would you benefit from regular connection, accountability, and encouragement from someone experienced

Certified I Matter Practitioners have all worked through the programme and brought about results in their own situation and know how to support you in bringing about results.  They will support and encourage you while offering tailored input, clarification, and practical strategies to help you bring about healthier and happier relationships based on an understanding of the I Matter Framework.  Each one-on-one session with your I Matter Practitioner is focused on your individual needs and addressing questions that arise as you take steps to bring about positive changes.

When you book Individual Coaching Sessions, please know:

  • Your initial registration and payment is central but we aim to match you with a coach of your choice, assuming availability
  • We recommend that you work with the same coach throughout your Learning journey
  • I Matter Practitioner schedules fill up quickly, so advanced booking is suggested
  • I Matter study support sessions are not a replacement for medical advice, and are not therapy or crisis counselling
  • I Matter study support and coaching is only available to those who have purchased the I Matter Online Programme

We look forward to assisting you in your I Matter Learning journey as you learn how to understand how insight into the I Matter Framework can help you to move towards healthier and happier relationships!

All individual coaching is completed with phone or zoom and is subject to the availability of certified practitioners

In an Initial Consultation
You will:
  • Ensure an updated in depth questionnaire (eg a completed one in last 4 months)
  • Talk through your questionnaire with an experienced I Matter Practitioner exploring your specific needs.
  • Be supported in thinking through your current challenges using I Matter principles and helped to identify priorities
  • Work out some specific steps to take to bring healthier happier relationships and more fun and enjoyment into key roles
In a Follow Up Consultation Series
You will:
  • works with an experienced I Matter Certified Practitioner exploring your specific needs.
  • Use the discussion based on your questionnaire to identify some priority goals
  • Talk through your progress with the I Matter online study including any issues arising 
  • Be supported in thinking through your progress and stuck points  using I Matter principles and helped to identify priorities
  • Work out some next specific steps to take to bring healthier happier relationships and more fun and enjoyment into key roles

About our I Matter Certified Coaching Team 
For Consultations with Professionals or with Parents-Carers

I Matter Consultations are available to those registered on Five Steps online training.    I Matter Certified Practitioners have all taken part in Five Steps online training and complete a period of supervised practice.

Consultations Frequently Asked Questions

Will I meet in-person or talk to a practitioner over the phone?
All parents-carers must have a named link in a member organisation.   Your consultation can take place by telephone or videoconference or face to face if the practitioner is working in your own locality.  The majority of consultations are by phone, but you must involve local experienced practitioners if there is any significant escalation.

What happens first?
You’ll fill out a questionnaire to share the nature of your concerns, the age(s) of your child(ren), and your available times.

Who is my practitioner?
Your practitioner will be a Certified I Matter Lead Practitioner who is also an experienced professional or parent or carer. Our practitioners have been chosen for their substantial experience in helping professionals and parents to learn to apply I Matter principles to common challenges. If you wish to consult with Cathy, be sure to select that option. If she is ‘sold out', then check back at the beginning of the next month for a slot.

Is my practitioner a licensed therapist?
Some of our practitioners are licensed therapists, but in an I Matter Consultation your practitioner will not be working as a licensed therapist.  Practitioners can have other recognised qualifications in such things as teaching or, coaching.   Your practitioner will work with you in a consultation as an I Matter coach, experienced in helping those who are studying I Matter principles and practice.

How do I get started?
Consultations are offered to those who are registered for the Steps 1-2 learning journey or beyond.  This is because the purpose of an I Matter Consultation is to support your learning process.  Once registered you can can contact us to schedule a first consultation. We do our best to respond within 24 hours on weekdays. Once you have registered for a session and returned your questionnaire, we will aim to connect you with a practitioner whose experience matches your needs. You and the practitioner will then arrange a time to talk.

I don’t speak English–can you still work with me?
We’ll try to find a common language. We currently have practitioners fluent in English, and French.

How much does it cost?
We have a sliding scale for practitioner consultations based on their level of experience.  Initial consultations follow completion of an in-depth online questionnaire which will form a basis for ensuring the consultation addresses issues that matter to you.

What is your cancellation policy?
All of our practitioners are parents and professionals who love this work and whose time is valuable. If you need to cancel please let the practitioner know 24 hours in advance, whenever possible. We understand that life happens. If the consultation is cancelled with less than 1 days notice. you will be charged £30. If a second call is missed your original fee will be forfeited and you will need to purchase additional time.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You can also pay via PayPal.

I live in a different time zone. Can you still consult with me?
Yes, we can at least try, it is possible to support parents and professionals in any time zone.

Is in-person consulting available?
If there is a practitioner who is both a good match for your family or workplace and in your proximity, then we can arrange an in-person consultation for an added fee.

What if it doesn’t work out for me?
You have our guarantee: If you aren’t completely satisfied with your consultation session, just let us know and we’ll either schedule you with a different practitioner, or refund your fee.

A different approach makes all the difference to turn things around in challenging situations - and healthier relationships are worth working for!.

PLEASE NOTE: with escalated issues in relationships with young people and adults such as drug addiction, internet addiction, youth offending, eating disorders, significant self-harm, persistent school refusal, diagnosis of severe psychiatric disorder, physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and/or allegations of abuse or assault, any consultation process offer by I Matter Practitioners will be strictly limited to helping you understand the I Matter Framework.  All parents-carers seeking individual consultations must have a named professional link connected to an organisation member. The practitioner may at any time decline to offer further services.   In these situations they will direct you to speak to your local link and to other experienced practitioners in your own locality.