Relationship Health, Assessment, Consultations and Coaching 

Do you need help to think through your role in helping your child?

About Relationship Health Assessment

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Relationship Health is an important element in supporting the development of any child or young person.  It is a particularly important detail if a child has additional needs due to the longer period of dependency of the child on the support of the adult.  In addition if a child has an additional needs, ensuring that the relationship health is as strong as possible creates the conditions that helps the adult be most effective in helping the child overcome their specific challenges.
The purpose of an adult-child relationship health assessment is therefore to explore whether a specific relationship with an adult in a role of parental responsibility is currently managing to effectively support the child in progressing through  priority social emotional and developmental milestones and to make recommendations about the specific details that need attention to ensure that relationship health progresses in the most supportive and effective direction.    The elements which are focussed on in a relationship health assessment are derived from an understanding of the I Matter Framework which provides the theory and theory to practice foundations for our recommendations.

Assessment, consultation and personalised support with your I Matter learning journey is provided by certified practitioners.
This is usually provided as an extra service to registration for the online Level 1 programme

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If you have a current interest and are trying to clarify your focus, one possible option is to start with an initial enquiry.  Professionals and parents-carers and adults and young people approach us when they have a wish to help themselves and others feel prepared for with a range of common situations

  • Feeling better equipped for a role as a parent-carer or partner
  • Feeling prepared for managing wellbeing in high pressure roles
  • Feeling better equipped for a role as a professional
  • Feeling better equipped for senior leadership roles

Common challenges that people often want to think about include relationships where there are :

  • Anxiety difficulties, 
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Separation anxiety
  • School avoidance

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  • Low mood
  • Reactions to Loss and bereavement
  • Reactions to trauma
  • Panic and phobias
  • Couple conflicts
  • Conflicts with parents
  • Sibling conflicts
  • Communication challenges
  • Managing Physical health challenges
  • Social emotional learning difficulties
  • Behavioural challenges and impulsivity
  • Adult-Adult Relationship challenges
  • Team Relationship Challenges

    The good news is that it is never too late for positive changes! 

After a first initial brief enquiry discussion, an initial assessment process is based on an indepth questionnaire.  This questionnaire will form the basis of any subsequent consultation or coaching process and provides the foundation for reviewing progress.   In a consultation an I Matter relationship health informed practitioner will work with you to help you start to understand more about your own situation with the help of the insights of the I Matter Framework.  This means that through the consultation and training process, we aim to help you make sense of:

  • What is happening right now
  • When the difficulties started
  • What factors may have contributed to the difficulties
  • What is keeping the difficulties going
  • What strengths and resources are present
  • What skills need practising in order to see progress

We encourage you to commit to the learning process as long as is needed to bring about healthier happier relationships and confidence.  Professionals, parents and young people tell us that this way of seeing things feels supportive, empowering, refreshing and hopeful.

Consultation Options with a Certified Practitioner


You will complete an initial short questionnaire.  If we think we can help this will be followed by a call to help clarify options and next steps.


An initial enquiry is an opportunity to explore concerns and ask questions and get the benefit of some experienced input as you consider options


You and another adult complete an in-depth questionnaire followed by an indepth review of presenting needs followed by clear guidance on priorities.


In a comprehensive assessment we gather information from home school and your child to deepen understanding of current challenges and develop a plan


Consultations are intended to deepen your understanding of theory to practice in relation to your specific focus situation as you build skills and confidence.
From £200-£400pcm

Initial Enquiry:
We are able to respond to initial enquiries by email or a brief phone call. However if you have more extensive questions we would recommend an initial enquiry consultation. This is usually via zoom or phone and takes place with the parent/carer over one hour. It is meant to help you clarify concerns and priorities with a view to reviewing best next step options


Core Relationship Health Assessment (Focus Adult-Child) 
This is usually a complement to registration on the Level 1 online programme but is occasionally offered as a stand alone.
A core relationship health assessment includes:
+ Initial enquiry 
+ Expression of Interest and review of in-depth online questionnaire for 2 adults
+ 2 x Follow up appointment exploring developmental history 
+ Call talking through summary findings and recommendations 
+ Summary Written Report 
Total £490  

Core Assessment with Level 1 I Matter Training
+ Core assessment (above)
+ Level 1 online training for 6 months
+ Monthly group calls
+ Individualised Progress review after 4 months
£490 or £590 for 2 adults in same family  
Total: £980 or £1080 

Optional additional coaching calls package: From £200pcm for 2 hrs a month  min 3 months

Comprehensive Relationship Health Assessment with Level 1 I Matter Training (Adult-Child)
Recommended when there are developmental challenges and a need to join up home and school
An in-depth relationship health assessment includes
+ Initial enquiry 
+ Expression of Interest and in-depth online questionnaire for 2 adults
+ Appointment with parents exploring developmental history 
+ Completion of online questionnaire by school 
+ Consultation with school staff
+ Visit or Appointment with young person as appropriate
+ Completion of questionnaires by young person as appropriate
+ Detailed review of progress on social-emotional developmental milestones
+ Summary report with recommendation
​+ Feedback session for parents explaining results and recommendations
Total: £990
Please note: This offer is generally restricted to areas in which we have links with I Matter Trained Professionals

Comprehensive Relationship Health assessment with Level 1 I Matter Online Training
+ Level 1 online training for 6 months
+ Monthly group calls
+ Individualised progress review after 4 months
£490 or £590 for 2 adults in same family or £990 with 1 school adult
Total: £1480 or £1580 or £1980

Optional additional coaching calls package: From £200pcm for 2 hrs a month  min 3 months

Initial in-depth assessment and training to support joined up home-school work around child £2500

The above should be seen as guidelines only.  The results of the Assessment will inform the recommendations regarding the approach to training and coaching that is likely needed to see results.