Consultations and Coaching

Personalised support to develop and implement a clear plan

Consultations and I Matter Coaching


At present I work with a small number families in the Kendal area where children have a wide range of struggles or challenges. My work includes support to families of Looked After and Adopted Children.  My focus is first on how we help restore well-being and confidence to the adult-child relationship and then on building strong social emotional foundations through a systematic approach. 

I am working with professionals through our certification programme to expand the availability of the approach

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In the Kendal area, Consultations can currently be offered to parents and carers linked to member schools and services where there is an approved Link or Lead Professionals and a licence with I Matter.  Families must also be linked to a Kendal GP in one of the three Kendal practices.

Consultations can be privately funded or via other means when other entitlements apply.   You can speak to an approved Link or Lead Professional or you can speak to your GP and request a referral via Dr Amy Lee of the Kendal Integrated Care Community at Captain French Lane Surgery.

1. SPOTLIGHT - a 90 minute 1:1  I Matter Q parent-carer consultation     

When there are more complex issues, there is usually a need take some time to think about what is happening and why.  The purpose of a 1:1 spotlight consultation or I Matter coaching session is to help you think about your concerns and about the next possible steps.  Depending on your situation and circumstances we will review some assessment information an make some recommendations.    The cost of a spotlight session is £125.  This is usually combined with completion of the First Steps Course 

2. FINDING THE WAY FORWARD - a more in depth initial child-family assessment period

If difficulties have been apparent for some time then a more in depth process is likely to be important  The FINDING THE WAY FORWARD Package builds on the initial consultation and includes the First Steps I MATTER NUGGETS AND GEMS course.  The assessment period can be complemented by reading of other reports, an observation visit, discussion with school staff or other professionals, and a meeting with your child and a further follow-up   The intention is to help you gain a clear plan for the next steps needed to help progress towards greater confidence.  The cost of upgrading to a Finding the Way Forward package is a further £375  or Total £625 including the spotlight and the First steps course.  

3. STEADY AWAY - Parent-Carer or Family Consultation Package

Once you have a basic plan then you may benefit from support to implement that plan.  Some of that support can be gained through small group learning opportunities as part of the I Matter Training Journey.   Some people like to book in for a series of short or longer support sessions with face to face or phone based support to complement their progress through the Foundation Course.    A steady away package is £500  for 6 x 50 min face to face sessions or 10x25 min calls


Where there are additional special circumstances, other packages may apply.   If you would like to book an initial consultation and are linked to a member school or service then please speak to your Link or Lead professional and then contact us.