1:1 Consultations

Personalised support to implement a clear plan

1:1 Consultations and I Matter Coaching


I currently work 1:1 with a small number of families linked to member schools and services in the Kendal area.   I am also currently working to build up a team of professionals who can offer focussed 1:1 I Matter consultations and coaching who can also support group based learning.   

The purpose of a 1:1 consultation or I Matter coaching session is to help you interpret your registration and assessment information so that you can think about your needs as well as those of your child and in order to help you develop a clear plan.  I work with you to ensure that you gain a deep understanding of the principles set out in the I Matter Framework so that your confidence in your role and ability to help your child can build.  

We always start off with some initial recommendations about priorities and then there is the option to work together over an extended period through 1:1 or group based work as you put your learning into practice in order to keep you focused on the core results of healthier happier adult-child relationships and positive developmental progress for your child.


1. 90 minute 1:1  I Matter Q consultation 

 A 90 min consultation is an opportunity to think in detail with me about your registration questionnaire.  We will think about what is happening right now so that you can get clear on what is contributing to the current situation and gain clarity about the most important next steps. 

The first step to discover if this is the best option for you is to speak to your Lead Professional and/or contact us.  We can have a free, no-obligation short phone conversation while we work out together what the most useful next steps are in your particular situation.   (usually online/telephone)

2. Extended initial assessment period

If you feel an extended assessment would be helpful then there is the option for a more in depth process.  The initial consultation can be complemented by reading of other reports, an observation visit, discussion with school staff or other professionals, and a meeting with your child and a further follow-up

Sometimes an extended period of assessment involves a further period of getting to know you and your child over a longer period.    This is usually run hand in hand with your study of the I Matter Framework


3. Intensive 1/2 or 1 Day Training and Planning Session

The I Matter Framework draws a lot of ideas together into a very practical framework for action.  This informs the way that I carry out an assessment and the recommendations that I make about the next steps.

If you want support to get a fast big picture of your adult-child relationship health and the key priorities as regards how to support your child's development and how the I Matter Framework then I offer a small number of 1/2 and 1 day intensive programmes in which we will move fast through the process of introducing I Matter principles and setting up a customised plan.

Please contact me via your Lead or Link professional so I can understand a little more about your situation and we can explore what you are interested in together.   Please note that a one day intensive is not intended to be a substitute for engaging in the personal slower study of the core material simply to start off with a fast overview.


4.  Consultation Package

Once you have a basic plan then you may benefit from support to implement that plan.  Some of that support can be gained through small group learning opportunities.   Some people like to book in for a series of short or longer support sessions with face to face or phone based support.

There is an expectation that you will use these consultations to help you consolidate the learning from the online courses.   Our session focus will be on applying that learning to your specific focus child and about your role.

Our goal is that you will gain skills and insight that will enable you to become much more confident and perhaps even able to join us to help others.


You can learn more about what's involved in the I Matter Training and Coaching Journey here

If this is something you are interested in please contact us.