Kendal - Relationship Health Practice

Kendal I Matter Informed Relationship Health Services offers an approach to helping families address the relationship health issues that are contributing to current difficulties through assessment, education and skills building and 1:1 and group and coaching support.  


Kendal Relationship Health Clinical Services

Dr Cathy Betoin runs a small I Matter Informed Relationship Health Practice in Kendal offering Assessment, Training, Coaching Clinical Services.  The focus is on supporting joined up home-school-practice.

Kendal Relationship Health Services offer adults and young people a carefully structured approach to building the skills needed to overcome a wide range of challenges through a focus on insight and skills building.  Our focus is preparation and prevention of difficulties as well as intervention when difficulties have become apparent.

The approach requires a strong readiness to learn and grow on the part of those involved both at home and in school and in the surrounding community.  We therefore focus on delivering this approach within the Kendal area in a partnership approach with a  now growing network of well informed practitioners.


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We accept referrals to the service from Link practitioners in the Kendal and South Lakes area.  In Kendal, families with a Kendal GP can request an initial assessment and fundamentals training via the GP.  The Kendal practice offers more in-depth assessment and support in creating a joined up home and school approach. If you want to learn how to improve skills for relationship health as a key foundation for improved wellbeing for children and adults we love to help!

What is on offer?


In a brief or more extended assessment we will identify where the key challenges lie and set out some goals

From £150-£500


The core of I Matter Training can be delivered through
online and/or taught study sessions

Level 1: £290/£500


In 1:1 sessions you will be supported in making links between your I Matter learning and your specific situations.

From £500 4 sessions


In group sessions you get to learn alongside others who are finding the way forward to healthier relationships

From £290 for 6 session



Phone coaching offers a flexible  and responsive service as you are learning to put ideas into practice

From £200/month

The recommended package will depend upon the initial assessment. Further assessment may be needed
Core Packages then vary between 4-32 weeks.  Some packages include 1:1, group and phone coaching.
The core training can also provide a solid foundation for a range of other intervention options

How to Get Started




Relationship Health is an overlooked idea that helps professionals and parents-carers work together to help young people in their own communities