I Matter Consultation Guidance

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

The I Matter Learning Journey offers a carefully structured educational programme that can be relevant for a wide range of needs.
However people come to an I Matter Learning Process with very varied experience and situations.

Therefore everyone starts at the beginning and chooses a focus child or other, and we offer a registration and guidance step

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The I Matter Learning Journey can complement a variety of training and support interventions for professionals and parents as it offers solid foundations for understanding the implications of a wide research literature on how to improve child and adult wellbeing.   If you are thinking about online study, the following guidelines set out our recommendations for study support 

+ Group 1:  Healthy relationships - no escalation -  Low level support is fine if there is good motivation to learn
+ Group 2:  Some moderate complexity or escalation - Some additional support or consultation will likely be needed
+ Group 3:  High complexity or escalation - A longer term commitment and additional support likely needed

We have observed that I Matter learning is often fastest where there is some immediate level of challenge to be navigated.

Where there is complexity parents-carers must work actively with their local professional services.
Local well-informed professional support is key to finding the way forward.


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