Confidentiality Guidelines and Agreement

For use in relation to group based study support

I Matter Participants Confidentiality Guidelines and Agreement

If you are taking part in any study support as part of your I Matter Training as a professional or as a parent, either in a face to face or online individual or group learning setting, you will be discussing information that can be experienced as sensitive for you and others.  

As a learning together network we have conversations that are intended to be educative and supportive.  It is very important for all concerned that this is a safe experience. So please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. I Matter study support groups are for psychoeducational purposes and are intended to develop your understanding of I Matter principles.  The focus is on supporting participants in the I Matter learning process over time and on the development of insight and skills to support positive impact.  I Matter groups are NOT intended to be therapy groups though impact can be therapeutic.
  2. Trust your instincts and keep yourself and those you care about safe - if in doubt it is better not to share information in a 1:1 or group setting about yourself, or a child or other adults, unless you have thought about how to do this sensitively and safely and are sure that you trust those you are speaking with.  When writing online professionals use their own names and parents-carers always use screen names.   
  3. When referring to anyone do not provide identifying details in your entries or in linked discussions. Never divulge any information that you have learned about an individual in an individual relationship or in an audio or group setting outside unless you have the individual’s explicit consent.  
  4. If you are in an online group please ensure you are taking part in an area where you will not be overheard or overlooked.  Do not let family, friends of colleagues read or listen to group entries.  No content you have heard or read should be shared, reused or copied in any manner without explicit consent from the persons concerned and group leader.
  5. If any aspect of your individual or group involvement raises any confidentiality or other issues for you at any stage, please highlight your concerns to your Lead professional or to Dr Cathy Betoin as early as possible so appropriate actions can be taken.  Wherever possible please do not challenge other network or group members yourself if you have a concern, but raise your concerns with the group or network leader who will address the issues themselves.
  6. I understand the limits to the afore mentioned confidentiality which may be broken if I threaten harm to myself or others, if practitioners believe a child or protected adult is at risk of harm or abuse, if they are instructed by court to give information, or if I share information regarding an act of terrorism or other illegal act. If confidentiality needs to be broken I understand practitioners will discuss this with me unless the situation requires immediate action e.g. safeguarding physical safety.

Thank you for working with us to make this a good experience for everyone.

Failure to respect these guidelines can lead to your exclusion from further I Matter Training.