Suggestions, Compliments, Concerns, Complaints and Customer Service:

Our Standards of Customer Service

When customers contact I Matter Training Ltd with a suggestion, compliment, concern or complaint, we will endeavour to

  • Respond quickly and efficiently in a clear manner to all enquiries.
  • Provide clear, helpful and up to date information about our services through accessible channels
  • Let customers know what will happen next, by when and by whom and deal with customers in a polite, professional and courteous manner
  • Be honest with the customer and let them now if we are unable to deliver a service and offer alternatives/signpost to other service providers
  • Actively listen to customers
  • Encourage feedback through all avenues and take account of comments made in order to improve service delivery
  • We empower our team to provide solutions and to understand the individual customer experience
  • Seek to put the problem right at no cost to the customer where we have made a mistake
  • Enable our customers to have choice in how they wish to seek information, advice or interact with us.

If we have failed to meet our Standards of Customer Service then please let us know.

Letting us know your concerns, gives us the opportunity to put matters right for you, and improve our service to all our customers.

How to contact us:

Email:  marking your email:  Suggestion, Concern, Complaint or Compliment as appropriate

Write to us: 

Suggestions, Compliments, Concerns or Complaints
I Matter Training,
Stramongate House
53 Stramongate Road