The I Matter Community Wheel:
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All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked


Support Relationship Health via the I Matter Community Wheel
Why support this?

In the course of many years of practice as a clinical psychologist, one of the details I have observed is the gap around nurturing the wellbeing and confidence of adults and young people in their role in relationships

In addition what I have seen most often is that when stresses increase one of the big risks is that isolation also increases.

So, over the years I have seen many professionals, parents and young people, who have reached a stage of burn out due to trying to manage complex situations on their own.

What seemed to be missing was a community for adults and young people able to nurture the skills for challenging roles but also offering some fun and some other perspectives.  That's what the Community Wheel is all about.

The Community Wheel is a newly emerging project. It is supported by becoming a Friend of Relationship Health.


About Community Hubs
+ Relationship health practice is about relationships
+ Maxi hubs refer to a locality in which agencies are working together
+ Mini hubs refer to a school-service progressing a community wheel
+ If you are in the area of a hub we will add you as appropriate

What's included in membership
+ A termly 75min online Friends of Relationship Health workshop
+ A termly workshop based on the wheel Influenced by members
+ Opportunities to help us develop the scheme


If you are located in the area of a Community Hub then your membership can be upgraded to one of our mini community hub memberships that are managed by Relationship Health Matters CIC

Community Connector (organisations)

Community Wheel Membership (mainly parents-carers)

I Matter Directory (professionals)