I Matter Community Wheel

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked


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We have completely underestimated how important and complex the skills of relationships and of parenting and caring actually are.

Is it surprising that there are many people are struggling when we have neglected this issue for so long?

The Community Wheel is our entry level workshop based approach to helping address this vitally important area.

We run the Community Wheel skills development programme in partnership with member schools and services as a tool for building stronger partnerships and early dialogue.


Themes from the I Matter Wheel - Revaluing the Everyday Skills of Parents-Carers
A Relationship Health Approach to Child and Adult Wellbeing

Week 1 Under 5's
Week 2 6-11 yrs
Week 3 11-18yrs
Week 4 Over 18yrs
Tuesday 1.30-2.30pm

Goals     Online Webinar
Safe Environments Relationships   January July
Play and Leisure Caring for Others    February August
Sleep and Lifestyle Peace with the Past   March September
Meals Income   April October
Exercise Skills we need   May  November
Emotional Health Review   June December

If participation in a Community Wheel programme sounds of interest then please speak to others in your community.