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The I Matter Coaching Village
Because Communication Matters

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What is offered by the I Matter Relationship Health Coaching Village

--> Be part of the I Matter Village

Whether you are studying I Matter Level 1 or Level 2, or just follow the Relationship Health philosophy, then this is the place for you! 

"The I Matter Relationship Health Coaching Village helps me find the words for those difficult situations!  Slowly I am learning what to say and do that works!"

--> Be part of our Village

Led by the I Matter Relationship Health Coaching Team, the I Matter Village is a unique experience, designed for you to build the confidence to build strong and healthy relationships with your loved ones. 

--> Be part of our Village

This is the most affordable way to get the personal support you need from the I Matter Coaching Team

    • Individual coaching and counselling costs around £125 + per session

    • 4 sessions a month cost about £500 +

    • The I Matter Relationship Health Village is yours for a fraction of that cost  - But with all the individual support you need

    • You get weekly coaching support in a warm community for less than £20 a week!

    • We often spend way more than that on dance, or art or sports 

    • This is a valuable investment in your family that will last a lifetime.

Parents always say: “I now hear the words you say”... this is the next best thing! 

What to expect from The  Village:

1) Coaching & Support 

2) Community & Resources 

3) Consistency & Accountability 

You are not alone - together we got this,

The I Matter Relationship Health Coaching Team

What topics are included

Key content covered include
  • How to identify what is happening in everyday moments 
  • Recognising the underlying ideas
  • Finding the words and actions to support yourself
  • Finding the words and actions to support your child 

What are the learning aims?

At the end of regular attendance in the I Matter Village you will be able to:
  • Think on your feet
  • Recognise the teaching opportunities in everyday moments
  • Find the words to help your child feel loved and understood while you set limits
  • Use the assessment tools to identify needs, create opportunities and develop key skills

Who is the training for?

The I Matter Village is for professionals and parents who

  • Want intensive support to put theory into practice
  • Want to work with others

  • Develop your own understanding
  • Help work or family life feel easier and more enjoyable than it is right now
  • Feel more confident in your role as a parent-carer or educator or partner
  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Shout less and connect more.
  • Have ideas about what to do in times when you’ve tried everything you can think of and you’re stuck.
  • Want to be able to find the words to say.
  • Get on the same page with a partner or with your colleagues
  • Handle things better with your child or others and are not sure why it always goes babdly

How do the classes work?

If you’re asking yourself a question “Am I doing it right?”, this is your chance to practice, and master the CALM technique and Mirroring!

Hosted over zoom, this is an exclusive chance to practice the Connected Parenting CALM technique with the support of a Connected Parenting team member.

It’s easy to listen and read about all the ways the CALM technique will help build a strong connection with your child, but it can be more challenging than you think.

These sessions are designed to help you build neuropathways to ensure you can use the CALM Technique with ease.

You can sign up for 1 or for 2 sessions a week

  • 1 hour sessions
  • 4 or 8 meetings a month!
  • Live on Zoom!
  • Tuesdays at 6.30 or Fridays at 1:00pm (GMT
  • Practice through Role Playing practice with other parents
  • Work through challenges most important to you and your family
  • Direct coaching support from an I Matter Coaching Team Member

Coaching and Support

  • expert suggestions and ideas directly from an I Matter Coaching Practitioner 
  • a supportive group who know caring for children can be difficult 
  • a safe space where you can share the issues affecting you everyday
  • a place where you can find solutions to challenges specific to you and your family
  • a community where you can be open and speak of the often unspoken stresses of parenting and caring
  • a village of people who really get the difficulties of ‘gladiator’ kids 
  • get proven and insightful strategies that truly work with “gladiators”

Community and Resources

  • a library of videos of Jennifer showing you exactly what to say and do with your child in certain situations
  • a community who is understanding of the challenges a ‘gladiator’ kid presents
  • a humble and welcoming place where you will never be judged or shamed; we’re all in this together
  • parents from around the world that you can lean on and learn from 
  • A private FB group with other like-minded parents who share wins, challenges and ask questions

Consistency and Accountability

  • rewiring the brain and nervous system takes some practice!
  • this is the place where you can work on these new skills weekly 
  • a safe, caring community where you can get in the front seat (if you wish) and rewire your automatic reactions into thoughtful responses
  • earn how to best support your kids on a regular, consistent basis so you can see results
  • a community who shares what they are working on each week, so that we can keep each other inspired, motivated and supported

Who are the facilitators?

Dr Cathy Betoin is a highly experienced practising child clinical psychologist and ex-primary teacher.
Cathy has practised for over 30 years in schoolsl child psychology and CAMHS services with children and families experiencing a wide range of challenges

Summary Details

Online Learning:   Communication Matters - Monthly membership
Registration for Level 1
Get Started     
  Join initial workshop
Extra to Free 3 months Learning community membership 

Option for special interest small group discussion or Individual consultations

On completion of the online programme alone you can describe yourself as I Matter Aware (Level 1 online only)
We advise working through the content in an intensive period 
Full achievement of the Level 1 requires participation in at least 6 small group community discussions with a certified practitioner


PLEASE NOTE: Communication Matters is not a train the trainer programme   The focus is on developing your own insight and confidence in everyday situations.  The resources offered through the I Matter  Learning journey are protected for personal development purposes and are not for copying, distributing or use in professional roles unless you progress to a certified role.