Make a Commitment: An I Matter Challenge

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When you register for the I Matter Learning Journey you will be making a commitment to think through some important questions.

The I Matter Learning Journey has Steps

Core Training: Online Study
Getting Started Workshop
Step 1: Getting Started with the I Matter Model
Step 2 The Theory: The Pillars of the I Matter Framework
Step 3-5: Theory to Practice: The I Matter Process
The Wheel: 
Extended Journey 

via Member Organisations
 First Course
The I Matter Fundamentals

As part of the I Matter Learning Journey we offer an important step known as the I Matter Challenge

The I Matter Challenge involves making a commitment to ensure that you see results from your I Matter Learning Journey
Deciding the specific focus will depend on your own situation and role so is highly individual but can be supported by our tools and processes.
When there is progress however, the result will always be healthier and happier relationships

We see the commitment to results process as involving two parts:
Part 1:  Ensuring that you complete the steps of the online study so you can deepen your insight and claim your certificates and awards
Part 2:  Using your learning to bring about changes in relationship health with a focus child or adult and yourself- however long it may take

We encourage you to seek support to help you with completion of both Part 1 and Part 2 I Matter Challenges.
We offer a Licensing process for Organisations and Practitioners to make it easier to find that informed support.