I Matter Training - Coming Events

We run a programme of events supporting participants who are at different stages of an I Matter Learning Journey

We don't offer direct bookings.  Once you have completed a consultation we will agree the programme that is the best fit.
Please take a look at the site and contact us if you have questions

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Event Type Frequency Day and time Starts
Friends of Reln Health Quarterly Early evening Week 5 Anytime
Initial Consultations  Brief One off Fridays Anytime
Registration Consults One off or series  Fridays Anytime
First Course Monthly Weds evening via Link Recommendation
Community Wheel plans Quarterly Tuesday Week 5 After First Course
Community Wheel events Quarterly + Varied After First Course
RH Practice Webinars Monthly Tuesday -recorded After First course
Nuggets and GEMS Weekly Thursdays - recorded After First course
Level 1 Fundamentals 4 x Weekly 4 x fortnightly Tuesday mornings Monthly after consult
Level 1 Get Started Monthly x1 Tuesday evening Monthly after consult
Level 1 Study Support Fortnightly x 3 Tuesday evening After Get Started
Level 1 Membership Monthly Tuesday after school After Level 1
Level 1 Communication Weekly Tuesday early evening After Level 1
Level 2 Take Stock Termly Tuesday after school Termly
Level 2 Study Support Fortnightly  Tuesday after school Termly
Level 3 Study Support Fortnightly Thursday after school Termly
Level 4-6 Study Support Fortnightly Thursday after school Termly

I am really enjoying how thought provoking this information is and how it makes it practical and easy to explain and utilise in so many different areas of my patient care.   GP 

"The information drawn together in I Matter Training is like gold dust for parents and carers of the child who is challenging us.  I am loving the training and finding it so interesting!"