Certified I Matter Roles



Thank you for your interest in I Matter Training as a way of supporting the mental health and well-being of children and families in your setting.

I Matter Training is not just a parenting programme.  Instead it is designed to offer a wholistic joined up approach to children's mental health that makes sense to professionals, in health, education and community as well as to parents and young people.  This is important because in the face of real concerns about children's wellbeing, everyone currently has a role to play in rethinking what is happening in the everyday - including the key question, why is it that it is still so difficult for professionals and parents to find informed help when it is clearly needed?  And what can we individually and collectively do to change this?

I Matter offers a carefully designed set of pathways and programmes that together help professionals and parents deepen their understanding of what the research evidence is telling us makes most difference to children's wellbeing when children are struggling or challenging, or have experienced trauma or attachment disruptions.   The training explores not just what to do but why.  As such it is intended to support schools and services in rethinking and revaluing the role of adult-child relationship health and the benefits of investing in training and skills development.

In Phase 1:  participation in I Matter Training is intended to support I Matter informed practice only.  This training will help you observe differently and feel more confident in your direct work with young people and parents.  Whilst you may informally share the principles learned in your training, Phase 1 training does not licence you to train others or use our materials other than informally in professional roles.   The I Matter Framework offers you a way of joining up lots of dots and of seeing everyday situations differently.

In Phase 2: you can apply to join our network in a certified role working with us and/or as part of your school or service development plan 

The roles that we certify include: 

Senior Link
Advanced Practitioner 

Becoming a Certified Trainee I Matter Link or Lead or Advanced Practitioner involves completion of Stage 1 training and an application and a period of supervised training prior to certification for full effectiveness and safe practice.   The staged process ensures that our team members have a comprehensive understanding of the I Matter Framework and of the method that we use to build a supportive network and learning community.   The training period aims to offer supported learning with that will familiarise trainees to a broad spectrum of needs and potential applications sufficient for comfortable and efficient use of I Matter thinking with a wide range of clients and situations. Special attention is given to tailoring the learning journey to fit the individual needs of participants.

The structure and format of the training has been designed to effectively convey all aspects of the program designed by founder Dr Cathy Betoin. All I Matter Link and Lead Coaches/Facilitators and Advanced Practitioners must apply with support from their own setting and are then trained to support delivery of a rewarding I Matter Learning Journey.

All I Matter Trainee LInk and Leads will have extensive experience both in professional and personal roles.  They have all worked with the I Matter approach for a minimum of 1 year and are able to speak about the impact that the approach has had on their own personal and professional experiences.  I Matter Link and Lead Coaches/Facilitators and Advanced Practitioners provide contractual services exclusively through agreements with member schools and/or the I Matter Training company. All I Matter Link and Lead Professionals participate in on-going supervision and education.

Initial Training Requirements in order to submit an application

Senior Link - requires Foundation training as a minimum. They oversee embedding of I Matter Thinking in everyday practice via the Awards Scheme
Link - a link professional requires Foundation training. Links work with us by making informed referrals and via informal support in network
Lead - a Lead requires Foundation and Intermediate training and is initially certified to run Getting Started Workshops and First Steps inhouse 
Advanced Practitioner - will have completed Foundation and Intermediate training and have advanced experience. They help support our consultation process.

Content of Certification Process

All Trainees are expected to develop a personal action plan agreed with their own senior leadership team and with us.  They must take part in network sessions and maintain a log of their experiences of working with professionals and parents in their own setting with I Matter principles.  The supporting organisation must also have an organisational membership with us as well as the licensed practitioner due to the complexities of practice with children and families.

For Link, Lead and Advanced Practice roles, there is some online content to work through that sets out how to run effective I Matter Learning experiences which must be completed early on in the Traineeship.

Link professionals can purchase a set of A4 posters to support their informal support role
Lead professionals and Advanced Practitioners can purchase a set of A3 posters to support their work with groups and individuals

All participants supported by Trainee Leads and Advanced Practitioners should have their own I Matter online learning account unless by specifically agreed reason not to.   These accounts are made available via Leads and Advanced Practitioners at discounted rates.   Where a participant is working with a parent or carer with a child where there are raised concerns or longer term needs then a initial I Matter Q and consultation process must also be completed as this creates a clear baseline for monitoring experiences and outcomes.. 

We encourage Trainees to work with small numbers of parents with 1:1 or small well matched groups and to use the I Matter learning to complement other appropriate opportunities and the building of supportive relationship experiences.   Trainees or their employing bodies may not charge for their time during the trainee period but may charge once we agree to offer a fully certified role based on clearly documented evidence of competence to deliver impactful supported learning experiences to families and professionals with a range of needs. 

The exact details of this certification process are still being finalised.